Cartridge recommendations for a Linn Lp12 /ittok/lingo turntable


I’ve recently acquired an LP12 with the above configuration which I will be using with stageline/hi-cap/272/XPS/250.2/Focal Diablo Utopia’s

I’ve haven’t bought a stageline yet as I’m not sure which cartridge to buy.

I can stretch to an MC but I don’t want to go crazy, please could someone make a few recommendations?


I use the modestly priced AT-OC9ML/II and a Stageline S on my Linn.


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I’ve mainly used Dynavector cartridges with my LP12 and I preferred the DV P75 phone stage to the Stageline with the DV cartridges…so worth bearing in mind if you go down the DV route

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Hi spacecadet1, I have an lp12/black ittok lv 2 and use dynavector xx2 mk2 over the years I have owned dynavector dv20xh, dv17d2 & dv10x. all have a great sound to my ears.

A very nice and modestly priced high output MC is the Denon DL-110. I had one of them for a good while and actually preferred it to the DV 10x5 that replaced it despite the DV being over twice the price. You can pick up a Denon DL-110 for £180


@elverdiblanco Which stageline are you using?

Many thanks for all the advice…


An Ortofon Quintet Black works wonders on my LP12/Akito/Lingo 3.

I used a refurbed Troika when I had that rig - keep it classic!

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another vote for Dynavector - will be on my third soon 10X 20X and moving to XX2, I find having demo vs other options DV punch above thier price point

I used 10X with Stageline worked superbly well

I think you might be getting me mixed up with somebody else, but for what it’s worth my phono stage is a Rega Aria. When I had the Denon cart it was with the integrated phono stage in the Musical Fidelity A1 amp I was using at the time


Ooooh now there is an idea… How does one go about getting a troika refurbished?



I put a Linn Krystal in similar deck about 9 months ago - amazing. Strongly recommend - synergy is a real thing!

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Goldring if @kuma is any judge.

Expert Stylus, Goldring and Van Den Hul all refurbish Troikas. They do turn up on Ebay.

All depends of which stageline you use: s, k, …

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