Cartridge recommendations into an Ittok

recommendations for a new cartridge? to replace a seriously worn Linn Troika.

So recommendations are Dynavector 10x5. Any other suitable candidates?

Going into an Ittok LVII arm…82/hicaps/250/sbl.

I would stretch to a DV 20X …

And give the Trioka to Goldring for a refresh.


Thanks @Yeti… I’ve heard that the Goldring refurb is not all that great. Does anybody else have some experiences they can share?

I have no experience of this whatsoever…just trying to get my system sorted after 15 years or so and a limited budget.

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I found a Linn Klyde worked very well in my Ittok for some 16 or 17 years. I now have a Krystal in there, which works equally as well.

My dealer says the refurbed Troikas are a great match, as is the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze (never heard this though).

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Definitely, prior to my current DV 20X2L I had the 10X5 and was never a great fan of it but the 20X2L is wonderful. I’ll caveat that by saying I had the 10 on a Rega RB300 with original thin wiring and my 20 is on a RB808 with the much improved wiring. Both on my Michell Syncro turntable.

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Initially had an AT 33 ev on my Ittok. Was excellent and can be bought at a discount. Changed to Krystal recently- some improvement but not £800 worth…

Van den Hul did a brilliant job on my Troika at a reasonable price.

@kuma reported on the Goldring refurb a while back.

A friend uses an Ittok and has always stuck with a DV17D2 or 3 but I think he’s pre Cirkus. He’s not gone on to the DX with its heavier brass body yet.

AT OC9 ML/II on Linn Ittok LVII into Naim Stageline S. Very good synergy between the three imo.

The Audio Technica is cheaper than the DV10X5 and performs superbly in the Ittok.


dynavector xx2

Big fan of DV cartridges first serious one 10x then upgraded to 20x, I think they really punch above their price point used both with Ittock into Stageline and then Naim Pre with HCDR

Just upgraded to XX2 which is exceptional

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