Cartridge Repair

My Transfiguration ‘Phoenix’ cart has developed a fault. It plays but he higher frequencies are distorted.

I understand Transfiguration as company are no longer functioning so can anyone recommend a cart repair specialist in the UK??

Thanks M

@Richard.Dane may be able to point you in the direction of a repair specialist?

I can’t give you any specific recommendation with regard to your Transfiguration. However, there are a number of UK specialists who can repair, or rebuild cartridges; Expert Stylus Co, Goldring, Northwest Analogue, The Cartridge Man, for starters. Also there’s AJ Van Den Hul over in the Netherlands.

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:small_blue_diamond:If we talk about a Troika, Goldring is a good recommendation.


Thanks Richard.
According to the UK distributor the Transfiguration cartridge chap has passed away.

I had a Roksan Shiraz repaired and modified (new cantilever and stylus) by Northwest Analogue. Dominic did a great job, he’s a music lover, we spent an evening playing music on my TMS and on his replinthed Garrard. I’d recommend him.

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