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I am looking for some advice. For the past 8 years I have been running a Dynavector DrT XV-1s, in an SME V , on my Avid Acutus. In this time I have had two cartridges and just used the Dynavector trade in scheme when the original cartridge needed changing.

Alas it is getting to that time where I need to change my cartridge again. My question is whether I remain with the XV-1S or move to something else. I was thinking about the XV-1T but don’t know if this would be much of an upgrade over the 1S. Has anyone heard them side by side? Alternatively I have been thinking about Lyra or an AVID cartridge. Any thoughts anyone.

I could stretch to around £6k

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I have owned both. The T is a nice upgrade sounding less processed whilst building on the strengths of the S. Happy listening.

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