Cartridges that go with the stageline

The Rega Exact isnt a great match with the stageline.
So - either change the cartridge or the stageline…

The Rega Aria’s power cord input is on the wrong side for a naim rack. :slight_smile:

Thinking of changing the cartridge.

Any recommendations on easy to install cartridges (Rega RP6) that would be a good match with the stageline-N?

I’ve always felt that the AT MM cartridges work well with the Stageline; the Stageline is on the dark and earthy side, so matching with a brighter cart usually works out well.


From experience Goldring 2400, for the reason Richard gave.

I had good experience with a Linn Adikt.


A Decca works well, with a stageline N at least. Art Dudley reviewed it in a Rega arm. I haven’t tried that combo, mine’s in an Aro.

Shelter 201

A DV 10X5 works well.

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As I just posted on FB – just be prepared to do the setup / positioning.

Great. Gives me a starting point. I’ll give it a shot but I’ll ask my local dealer do the final setup once they open.

Been running a Goldring 1042, for many years, sounds great

In which case an Ortofon 2M Bronze should work. Excellent cart with my Firebottle tube phono.

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