Cassette deck service / repair

I have a 24 year old Pioneer CT-S830S cassette deck, which has started to add the occasional crackle to recordings. I suspect this is a capacitor misbehaving. Otherwise the unit still works well and I’d like to get it restored to full health (I guess this should include belt/pinch roller replacement etc.), but the question is where can it be sent to be serviced reliably? I welcome your recommendations.

Not just for naks; click through hifi repairs and you’ll find a page for cassette deck repairs.

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

I guess you want some one who has had experience from some hifi repair company……googling finds too many small outfits. Hopefully a forumite can explain a personal experience.

My mate can probably fix that for you as thats what he likes to do, bring old non working cassette decks back to life.
Maybe Richard can sort out a details swap? If you want to ask Richard

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Presumably you are looking at all the main caps to be swapped along with any rubber bands which may have perished by now, or be well on their way. I would have though that is something most electronic repair centres would deal with

Thanks, @Gazza @GadgetMan , you’re both right. I guess I’m expecting a Naim type service, which would replace all capacitors together with a mechanical update of belts and pinch roller, to give it another ten years of serviceable life. As Gazza says, Google returns too many small outfits. I do intend to phone Wilkinsons, but I’ve been a bit sluggish owing to Covid. @Dunc, let me speak with Wilkinsons, I may be in touch.

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