Cassette Deck...?

Many of you still use cassette decks…just a stupid question:
Is it possible to repair such if one part fails? f.ex. head unit?
I loved my Akai GX95 in the old days :slight_smile:

I had a GX-65 in the good old days and it failed at some point. Many years later when MCs were not a thing anymore I realized that I needed to digitized all those tapes (impossible to replace) and it was easy to find working used GX-65 on eBay for 25 Euros. (When I was done digitizing I sold it again for same price. Later, this was then in 2015 or so, I found one remaining MC so went through the whole thing once more and they were still easy to find)

There are lots out there offering parts and service to keep old cassette decks going. Belts and pinch rollers are the usual things that need replacing. Beyond that you start to get into problems, although for the better makers such as Nakamichi, Bowers & Wilkins still offer parts and service for most bar the earliest models.


Thanks for reply!

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