Cassette Tapes

Does anyone think that the prices of these things might lead to more decks and tapes being manufactured again!?

Err. No!

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As far as the manufacture of actual tape is concerned, the investment required is huge, so you would need to be selling by the millions of units, or charging a big premium to make any sort of sense. So unless tape suddenly becomes the de facto consumer music carrier standard again, I just can’t see it happening.

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I reserve the right to quote you both when The National Audio Company and Golding Replication get listed company status :wink:

I’m sure you’re both totally correct btw :slight_smile: - but Google shows more than zero tape manufacturing and duplication companies out there, stranger things have happened :smiley:


My brain is frying seeing pictures of those cassettes. Especially with the wrapping still on them! I loved TDK SAs. I only had two decks. A BIC T1 and a Nakamichi BX-1 (black). It sure sounded great on my ADS L400s via a first gen Cyrus One.

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