Cast from android to atom

Hi, i’ve just changed my iphone with a s20 android. How can I cast from the Android OS rather than from an app to uniti atom ?

Would Bluetooth do it?

The Qobuz app uses Chromecast. Play something, go to the play screen and choose the Atom. Any other app on Android that uses Chromecast probably works similarly. You must have Chromecast enabled on the Atom, in the Naim app under Settings > Input Settings.

If you use the Tidal app, you don’t need Chromecast as there is Tidal Connect in the Tidal app, which is much better. Similar procedure, somewhere in the app there will be a button to choose the Atom.

Of course, you can play Qobuz and Tidal from within the Naim app. For Qobuz, because of Chromecast, this is probably the better solution at least for hires because of Chromecast’s limitations.

I’m trying to cast from NTS RADIO app but I do not find the cast icon so I’m looking for a way to cast from the phone and not from the app

Ah, got you. I just tried with another radio app. I think it works like this:

Start the stream, wipe down from top of the screen to open the Android OS notifications. It shows a notification for the currently playing app, with a button saying “Phone speaker”. Tap that and choose the Atom instead.

It’s the same when e.g. playing from the Youtube app. The notification can also be swiped left to reveal previously played content by various apps

Edit: Though strangely in this notification my NDX2 is listed as disconnected and does not work, although I can go to the Qobuz app and cast from there just fine. Hoping you fare better with the Atom

Hi, I Start the NTS radio app, start the stream, wipe down from top of the screen to open the Android OS notifications but it dosen’t show anyting about the stream…

Hmmm no idea why. I have Android 10 and this is with the FM4 radio app. Don’t know if it does anything special.

Though it still does not want the NDX2 if I click the source button

Ah maybe I’m misunderstanding all of this! The speaker and the headphones in this list are Bluetooth devices and probably the NDX2 is there because I once connected by BT!

To cast from the system for apps without a cast option you can cast to a Chromecast device from the Google Home app if the device has been added. Tap on device and choose cast my audio.

You can also add shortcuts to the swipe down action in device controls if on Android 12 to add most used devices or just the cast screen option can be added and will do it and give you a list of devices to stream it will just stream audio obviously


Thans, it works.
I do not find how to create shortcuts in the swipe down menu but it doesen’t matter.
What about the audio quality? Is it the same quality we have casting from an app? And compared to apple airplay?

There are limitations but it is not bad. It is not optimized for hires, but at least it works, while Airplay is limited to CD quality. See details here:

It will cast at a fixed bit depth and sample rate not sure what it is though. It’s no worse or better than airplay in that regard.

You on Android 12? On my Pixel you swipe down twice to expose the settings for this section. Click on the pen to edit and add shortcuts to certain function, operations from home can bee added here. It may be this is for Google phones only but it’s a nice simple way to enable it. You can add cast screen, screen record and lots more. Cant actually show you any grabs as it won’t screen grab that section as it closes as soon as I try to.

Hi, tapping on the device, I get this msg that advise me that the device (atom) is not optimized for streaming. Then it works. What does it mean?

I believe the English version of this is “Screen Casting is not optimized for this device: your experience may vary.” I find this on Google for some devices, the advice always seems to be to ignore it. But what does it say when you tap Ulteriori informazioni?

Tapping ‘ulteriori informazioni’ opens an help page about the screen streaming

It’s just stating the obvious that you choose screen cast to a device that doesn’t support screen casting. Just ignore it as it will just send the audio stream anyway.

It’s not so clever because I tap to cast audio

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