Cast from Tidal desktop app to Naim?

With Spotify I can cast from within the Spotify desktop app to my 272 or i.e a Chromecast Audio but for Tidal it’s a nogo using the desktop app. Does this work on the latest products from Naim such as NDX2, ND5SX2 etc?

I use iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro and would like to get same flexibility as with Spotify Connect meaning I can stream with Tidal using desktop app, iPhone and iPad native Tidal app. Any third part devices that could solve this like Blusound Node 2i etc? I assume I will need to get something supporting Airplay to stream from Tidal desktop on a macbook? I want to avoid using third part apps like Naim, Bluesound etc and use Tidal.

Spotify has its own casting method, called Spotify Connect. This is supported in the legacy streamers and the current models.
Chromecasting is a new more generalised casting method developed by Google, that is supported directly in the new streamers only.

So can I use Tidal desktop app for Mac and stream to say NDX2 or do I need to go through the Naim app?

The last time I used the Windows Tidal desktop app it could only play to the laptop audio card or an attached USB dac. It has no casting functionality at all. I assume the Mac version is the same.

My hopes is that it can use Airplay to cast to the latest Naim devices?

Works here

That would work I think, same as bluetooth. But the Tidal desktop app doesn’t have any functionality (Windows anyway). You would use the OS to attach airplay or bluetooth.

Ah yes see what you mean, I’m no expert and don’t use it by default but i just go on the icon and the Muso is called Lounge

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 13.44.22

No idea of the quality though

I see no reason why not if it supports Chromecast. I don’t have a Tidal anymore to check. I can cast Soundcloud using Chromecast to my NDX2.

One cannot use Chromecast audio with native tidal macOS app at least. Only through chrome browser using tidal online.

Tidal app can cast to airplay or Sonos, but not seen any other options. I’m a huge fan of the app, but moved to Roon for more compatibility.

Neither of these support better than CD quality.

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