Casting music from Desktop PC to Nova


Hoping someone can enlighten me here. From Spotify on desktop PC I can either play music on the Nova using either the Spotify Connect or Google Cast options on the ‘Connect to device’ option at the bottom of the screen. When I try and play local music files through Spotify both these playback options are disabled. Is it a file format issue or something?

Any other options out there for allowing me cast music from desktop pc to nova? Tidal?

Any advice appreciated

Was Chromecast enabled on the Nova at setup, and if so is the ‘input’ enabled in the Naim app?

Uncertain but not sure the Nova supports Spotify connect (currently anyway).

All Naim streamers support Spotify Connect.

Do you mean music you have saved in Spotify for offline playback? If so these are heavily protected to prevent copying and that includes the ability to play them on any other device apart from the one they are stored on.


Thanks for responses. The Nova supports spotify connect which is great but only seems to be for Spotify music files. Spotify does allow you access and play your own music files stored on hard drive but the option to cast or use spotify connect is dsiabled for these files. Was wondering if this is configurable and if not whether there are any music players for Windows that allow you to cast to Nova.

I have no knowledge about Spotify and Spotify Connect, but you can install an UPnP server (Asset is recommended, lots of existing posts about it) and then the Nova can stream from there via the “Server” input in the Naim app. (That’s in the mobile app though, no Windows app)

The Qobuz web player in the browser (on Windows) lets you use Chromecast to the Nova, but again no idea about Spotify

Spotify Connect (and I assume also via Chromecast) will pull the music from the cloud / internet; not run it through your local PC. So it could well be, the Spotify app does not handle local files stored on the PC. (Interesting enough, that it play those to begin with?)

Next to setting up a UPnP server (as above, where the PC “offers” the music and then you “pull” it to the Nova, usually via the Naim app), you could also install iTunes and use AirPlay from it to the Nova.
I guess, there’s also some apps or similar to enable Chromecasting local files.
Long ago, I visited the Windows Media Player to access UPnP devices on the network - maybe it can still send local audio content from the PC there.

Hi, this is not configurable and you cannot use other software such as a UPnP server to access and play the files on another device. You need to stream the music as normal from Spotify Connect rather that using the offline listening mode.

That’s correct when using the streaming apps on mobile devices with Chromecast, but when using the web browser (like the Qobuz web player) on the PC it’s the PC doing the streaming and then it’s chromecasting it to the unit via the local network.

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Thanks; something learnt today.
(And thankfully there’s a tendency to call products, protocols, and software all the same, makes it easier to know, which is which. :wink: )

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Thanks all for responding. PhilippVH your explanation of Spotify playing from Cloud makes perfect sense and yep spotify will act as a local music player but as per mail wont cast. iTunes on the other hand does via Airplay so sorted, thanks.

For you own music files set up a UPNP server and nova will pick them up.

Question is, what do you have, that Spotify does not?

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