Castle Compact Columns

Is anyone here using these?

While I’m pleased with the Muso as an AV sound source, I’m considering replacing it with a Unitiqute2 & these beautiful Castle speakers… some of the last of the UK built examples… bonus is having another 2-channel setup.

I went the other way, I had Nova and Neat alpha and replaced that with a muso. Both sounded great but for my lounge / TV the Muso is more than enough and is a superb product.

Enjoy which ever way you go and if you go for a qute be aware the screen will likely need replacing at some point.


Thanks for the feedback Gary, appreciated.

Now considering a CB setup & tuner.
What’s the Naim equivalent of an ‘80s Cyrus 1 or 2? Smallest footprint is what I’m after.

Size was Nait 2 or 72/140 in the olive range and they did a Nat 02 tuner too.

All the above are half width boxes.

James at Tom Tom use to do a lot of older gear.


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