Cat Amongst The Pigeons? What do you think of this statement?

This a quote from a well known HIFI Manufacturer and developer and I wondered how many of the streaming community or 24 bit community were are aware of this?

I am not trying to stimulate arguments. Though is 24 bits actually 24 bits? Or are we best served with 16 bits at 44.1kHz?

This a quote from a recent email and I as a solid CD user, minor Vinyl user and possible NAS user am wondering.

I do not wish to name the individual. Though he is well recognised and respected in the industry.

"There sure is a lot of controversy over bits and depth. One group feels that dividing 96dB of dynamic range into 65, 535 slices (16 bits) is enough, while others are more comfortable dividing 120dB into 16,777,215 slices (24 bit).

Bit depth: the difference between the softest and loudest captured sound. How important is it?

We know that CDs have a dynamic range that blows the doors off analog recordings of any kind. And we know that we’re not limited to just Red Book standards, that it’s trivially easy to get better.

Does it matter?

Of course, the arguments fly as fast as manure at a political rally. The truth lies somewhere in the middle (doesn’t it always?).

It’s all in the hands of the recording and mastering engineer, not the technology. If the engineer decides to use 24 bits but then shoves all the audio in the upper 16 bit space, ignoring the lower 8 bits, then nothing’s been gained other than a marketing advantage when they print “24” on the label. So, it’s rarely the technology at play and more in the hands of the engineer.

Which is a shame because most engineers aren’t interested in the highest fidelity.

We have the means, just not the will to use it."

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P.S. Are we fooling ourselves with 24 bit? Which source is a true 24 bit source from the original tapes?

P.P.S. I am truly outside my envelope of safety with this post. Again, please be gentle :smiley:

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