Catalogue Vinyl

Hi Guys

Finally got around to sorting my Vinyl in A to Z stuff collected over the years but nothing added since 2012 as its all been in storage.

Looking at adding everything to Discogs not to sell but to catalogue has any else got any other suggestions?

Then once done will get a Record Cleaner then build my retirement system no rush got a few years yet lol!!

Will continue to stream until i have a system in place


Hi, since years I prepared my own archival file based on excel. It takes time and patience but at least Is quite flexible. I think there are ready-made databases somewhere out there but I preferrred my own logic.
Then when I discovered Discogs I also started to move collection there running my file in parallel.

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Hi @mojo_65 Thanks Discogs seems to have some good features as well but is in the Cloud so Excel as a backup sounds good as well

Seconded, I leave spaces at the bottom electronically so when I print my list out, i write In new purchases until such time that I enter them electronically. I also use headers in excel like top hit, date released, or if it is rare, the pressing serial number etched in the wax.


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I use the Discogs app on my iPhone. It’s great! I like being able to scan the barcode on the back of newer records, it makes adding records very easy.


Hi Scott some good ideas here to improve…:slightly_smiling_face: So far I did not dare to include also runout info but I should…


I use Discogs to catalogue all my music collection. You can create a download that will import into Excel as a backup if you want. Also gives a rough indication of value for collection and allows you to create custom fields for notes etc. I try and add details of vinyl quality/sound

Oh and the wantlist feature is quite nice particularly if you are vinyl hunting in second hand stores etc


Hi Guys

Thanks for your thoughts i will start adding to Discogs and then create an Excel export/import see what it looks like.

I like the convenience of scanning bar codes for when i start buying again.

Thanks again

One more thing I forgot to mention… in the excel file I use hyperlinks to the Discogs pages. It’s useful to check values or any further detail of a given release that an excel file cannot capture.

Very smart idea, will have to do the same.


Awesome will let you know how i get on i started on my compilations first

Thanks again for the ideas

I have used CollectorZ’s Music Collector application to catalog all my records over the years. I don’t use Discogs for the simple reason I have no way to import anything, and I’m not about to try and add thousands of titles again. I don’t sell my records so it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

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Regardless of way to organise Discogs or Excel based catalogue, but you have one hell of a Joy Division collection!! :clap:

Thanks for this thread and the info about the Discogs app.

I’ve now been happily scanning barcodes all afternoon :grinning:

On the downside I’ve just spent 280 on a box set :confused:


Oh Crap !!!

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Hi, thank you, but the picture could not capture the whole list… :grin: I am proud of It, it’s a lifetime collection, since 1979, as a direct witness of that era…unforgettable! Sorry for the ot


Progress Update added 266 Albums to Discogs just my Compilations and Classical Albums, so far so good !!!

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I’m at 222 with more vinyl to go then the cds.

Edit: forgot the singles as well

Its fun isn’t it just frustrated i cant play any of them yet.

Also find some old cassettes i thought i had binned and a few cds so will add them

I left my CD collection in the UK in 2012 not going to start buying them again

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Cataloguing music collection. Sad bloke here who does it by long hand.:frowning:

1500 cd 500 vinyl. Time for discogs I think.