Cats and Dogs at War - Naim System

Did anyone see the above on Channel 5? One of the houses had a nice looking Naim system. Very unusual to see a Hi-Fi in a house on TV at all, let alone a decent one!

There was a decent Naim system on Unforgotten in the last series.

Must admit not enjoying this series as much

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Hi which episode please

I noticed this too. Season 3. Think it was a superuniti. No sign of speakers.

Not sure, it was in the home of the character who was a TV host, so may be more than one episode

I’ve been searching for the old thread about systems on TV and films. Just watched series 16 episode 9 of NCIS, at 54 minutes there is a scene, I could identify Martin Logan speakers, the wall unit has about 20 boxes…

This could catch on… Hi-Fi and Naim box spotting :grinning:

In Hollywood I notice R2Rs are still in the cool category, and turntables for the music enthusiast category. DACs don’t seem to feature :sunglasses:

One of best use of Hi-Fi in a film was when in Pulp Fiction, Mia goes to her Teac X-2000 R reel to reel to cue up ‘Girl you’ll be a woman soon’


Pulp Fiction is an absolute masterpiece.

The film Looper - Mitchell Gyrodec with an AT95 the setting in his living room is stunning


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Nakamichi Tape deck in 9 half weeks - I could only dream of having one when this came out.

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And of course who can forget Clockwork Orange with Little Alex spinning discs on his Transcriptor turntable.

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