CB 160BD cutting out one side

My 160 Bolt Down has been cutting out one side, though it seems to do it only after a listening session, not during - and I can easily get the cut out side (left, facing) to return by picking up the left corner of the amp by about 1/2inch and dropping it with a bit of thump. Funny thing is my 110 has always been like this too, esp if faffing about with speakers cables etc though the 160 does it just sitting and getting cold it seems. Plays fine after ‘thumping.’

Both amps sound fantastic when playing properly, esp the 160, so hesitant to send off for a rebuild (AV Options only $$ option here in the States) but just may have to. Curious for now what might be causing this? A sticky reed? Bad solder? Anyone?

Sound like a dodgy solder joint which opens as the unit warms up due to thermal expansion ( and cured via a thump !) . I’d suggest a service sooner rather than later as more expensive damage could occur.


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