CB 42/110 - HiCap Upgrade

Edit: title change as unit bought!

It looks to me like the single rail is intact, based on a previous time I queried this i.e. the single red cable from socket 3. Would appreciate it if anyone could confirm this. Also whether the unit looks like it’s been serviced (original caps?) or modified in any way. Cheers

It does look like it’s connected. Just look at the back and you’ll see one hole marked +ve. Check that this is the one with the red wire attached

Thanks yes is does have the +ve on socket 3, but just wanted to check it looks intact.

It looks fine in the picture. You’ll soon know if it’s working when you connect something.

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I’m doing a bit of due diligence as I haven’t bought it yet. Seller has no history so I will get it serviced if I can’t establish it been recently done myself.

Those LMT main caps look like they could be the originals.


That’s good enough for me thanks all.

And red tantalum capacitors would make it well past a service too.

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Thanks if we can agree a price it will go straight to Darran for some TLC

Poor Darran, so many people get his name wrong.

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Eek corrected

Price agreed and here she is :blush: I’ve been on the lookout for a year now.


That looks mint - originally supplied by Sound Advice too by the looks of the dealer sticker on the back.

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Just a shame my 42 isn’t a 42.5 to get the best out of it.

Darran has commented from the pic it all looks completely original. I’m struggling for sockets so I’m treating the new (to me) HiCap and my 110 to a 2-1 Grahams Hydra.

The 42/110 with Bluesound Node is an incredibly absorbing listen. Can’t wait to hear it with the HiCap.

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Serviced HiCap landing shortly. Will join a Blusound Node + serviced 42/110 + SCM 11 system. No idea what to expect but can’t wait :grimacing:

Do usual rules apply for burn-in?

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A couple of weeks is fine. It will sound great from the off and get better :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s more of the same I’ll be very happy (if that makes sense). Hoping it doesn’t change the character of the system.

You will typically get a bit more bass and much a much more refined system. Musically it should be a big improvement.

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Thanks that sounds similar to when I added an XPS then 555 on my classic system. I’ll be sure to report back.