CB HiCap connections question

What is the difference between socket 1 and 2 on a HiCap.

I ask because I need socket 2 repairing, (just a loose connection) and when looking inside, they are both linked up to each other. Is it an issue using socket 1 until I can send it to be repaired (my Naim dealer is still closed)?

I am not doing any DIY, I just wondered, as my logic says that the two are the same, left channel, right channel and ground going to socket (3 and) 4. I thought I would ask before trying it.

Current set up - 32.5/HC/250

Socket 1 & 2 are both essentially the same, with just signal throughput and no power. You can use either.


Thank you Richard, always worth checking first.



This might help

Socket 1 is on the right. This has a dr regulator, but the socket wiring is the same.

Thought I had a better picture

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