CB HiCap Question

Struggling to find a SNAPS to power my 42 but this early HiCap has come up. Can anyone tell from looking under the hood if it still has its single rail? I understand it was sometimes removed during a service if not needed. I have no idea what to look for! Many thanks

It does, yes. Socket 3 has a single red wire carrying 24 volts. :+1:


Great thank you. One more question. All things being equal, in theory should a HiCap sound better than a SNAPS with a 42/110? I realise there are a lot of age related factors in play but I would get it serviced. Obviously the HiCap has a price premium over a SNAPS as far as I can tell so if there’s no SQ benefit then I might just wait for a SNAPS to come along.

It’s certainly had a service since it was built, it may be worth calling Naim support to see if they have serviced it, failing that check with Darran at Class A.

@Richard.Dane would be able to advise here about SNAPS Vs HiCap suitability.

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Thanks again. How can you tell it’s been serviced?

In theory a HICAP should outperform a SNAPS even if only used single rail.

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The caps are not the ones it would have had when new. Do you know what the date codes are on them?

Thanks I will ask the question.

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Well spotted… :smiley:

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Contact Naim or Class A directly and give them the serial number. They will have records of any service they have done, and probably details of what work was carried out.

It sold :weary:

Probably to someone who read this thread!!

Yeah I thought the same

I’m not surprised, it was very clean and unmolested.
Sorry you missed it :slightly_frowning_face:

Not guilty :innocent:

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