CB Hicap with Supernait 3?

Decided to go the Supernait 3/NDX2 route for my second system. I’m picking everything up tomorrow. Tough to choose between this and the new classic but saved some money, especially with the sale now and look forward to hooking things up tomorrow night.

I have a CB Hicap though and did read on the forum that adding an olive hi-cap could make things worse for sound since it isn’t a DR which the supernait has. Is there any harm in trying my CB hi-cap i have with the supernait and listen to the differences? Just don’t want to harm the new unit. I know the CB hicap is functional as I had it connected to a stageline when trying out a turntable with a Nova I currently have.


Try it by all means. My understanding is that it will circumvent the DR tech in the SN3 which supplies it’s preamp.

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That’s what I was reading as well, but just wanted to check to see if I’d be harming anything in doing so. Appreciate it!

That’s a great 2 box set up :+1:

If want to enhance it further , personally I with add the XPSDR to the NDX2 before adding the hicapdr if you go that far

I have the 4 box set up - it sings :grinning:

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You can’t do any harm. Give it a go, and do report back.


Any Hicap will work fine. Don’t be too concerned over the lack of DR in an old one. The advantage of a dual rail power supply decoupled in a separate box from the amp will bring gains that will likely outweigh the benefits of the built in DR supply.

Having said that, don’t assume that a Hicap will sound better to your ears, in your system. Not everybody prefers a Supernait with Hicap.

… and make sure the Hicap is in good nick. An unserviced cb is unlikely to improve things.

Actually one thing you need to be wary of on a Hicap of this age is the socket 3 configuration. To connect it to the SN3, I would use socket 4 and socket 2, rather than the usual socket 4 and socket 3.

Socket 3 on a Hicap of this vintage is likely to have a single 24v rail on it which you don’t want to connect to the SN3 power amp in socket.



Thanks everyone. I’ll probably let it settle in for a few days or a week and then connect the hicap and see how it sounds. Really appreciate all the responses!

It would be the waste of a perfectly good CB Hi-Cap!! It needs a 32.5/250 or 135s.



With you on that one Frank :+1:

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