CBC Radio down in Vtuner?

CBC’s (Canada) two main stations cannot be played thru my Nova (Vtuner), but they work thru CBC’s website. Anyone else having the same issue?


Paging @Stevesky

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Hi @mfin99

We reported this to VTuner on late Friday. VTuner have been dependent on some legacy icecast server from CBC for a while and it looks like they have finally pulled the plug.

I’ll chase up with VTuner on Tuesday to see where they have got to on switching over to the newer HLS streams that CBC use.


Steve Harris
Software DIrector
Naim Audio Ltd.


I’ve been having the same problem! CBC Radio One or CBC Music recently stopped working on my Unit Star . . .

Hi Steve
Glad to see this reported!
I just spent some quality time trying to figure out why they aren’t working then found this post.
Thanks for your help in trying to resolve this.

Good news! CBC radio stations are now working. Hopefully, CBC music stations are not far behind. Thanks @Stevesky

Thank you Steve for following up on this issue.

Unfortunately I have still I still have a problem with vTuner and CBC Radio One. Presets for the stations except CBC Radio work and up until yesterday I could browse through all the stations (except CBC), but today I get a blank screen with the header “No results”. I checked on the vTuner website but everything there seems to be working as I would expect.

Perhaps I should just wait a few more days for things to stabilize?

Paging @stevesky again!

@Magicia - Sorry to hear of your issues. Vtuner is working well for me. Most of the CBC radio stations are working well. However, three of them are not working (Fredericton, Quebec City, & Whitehorse). Also, as I noted above, all CBC Music stations are not working yet.
Please remember to delete and recreate any CBC radio favourites that you have in the app as the URLs have changed.
As for your issue with no access to vTuner, it sounds like a network issue. Therefore, I suggest a reboot of your system and the app. I hope all works out.

Thank you for your suggestions. I did a reboot of al the devices on the network which did give me back the complete lists of internet radio stations and the ability to filter them. This made it easy to look at all the CBC stations, none of which work or show the star which I plan to use to recreate my favorites. I did check that this worked to create favorites from other stations showing as working in the iradio list. Perhaps there is another way of changing the URL in the app?

It’s a mystery why the CBC radio stations do not work on your system. So, the process that worked for me was:

  1. Please remove any CBC Radio Stations from your Preset list.
  2. In the App, click the Internet Radio Button at the top of the screen.
    If you are in Canada, the Public Stations (CBC) icon is at the bottom of the list. Click on that.
  3. The next screen has two CBC icons, one for CBC Radio and one for Radio Canada. Select CBC Radio.
  4. The full list of CBC Stations is displayed. Scroll down to CBC Radio One Toronto 99.1 FM.
    Click on the 3 dots on the far right of the screen opposite Radio One Toronto.
    Two options appear, one is Play, and the other is Add to Favourites.
  5. Select Add to Favourites, another option box appears asking to add it as a Preset.
    Select Yes to add it to your preset list.
    This should add the CBC Radio station to your Favourites and Presets.
    If this does not work for you, I suggest reaching out to Tech. Support at Naim.
    Hopefully this helps.

Thank you. The process I used is the same as your first 3 steps. After that I clicked on the * instead of the 3 dot I was optimistic that this would solve my problem. Unfortunately it only gives me the option to Play, which does not work for CBC stations. Checking other stations which I know work such as the Naim Classical also gives me just the Play option, but puts the * below the station icon, which when pressed does add the station to the preset list.

As you suggest the next stage will be to get in touch directly with Naim.

Thanks for your help

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Hi @Stevesky can you please give vTuner a gentle nudge to fix at least one CBC Music station. Thanks, Mike

Hi @mfin99

We have been chasing VTuner every 2-3 days on the subject, as it’s unacceptable amount of time for them to have their system out of date with a major national broadcaster.

We’ll keep on applying pressure on the matter to get it resolved.

Apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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You did some good because we were able to get CBC Calgary back up and running on our Muso. Was down for more than a week.

@Stevesky Two CBC Music stations are now working (Eastern and Mountain). Many thanks for all of your efforts with vTuner.

CBC on VTuner is still down for me. I checked the stations which have been reported recently as restored, (Calgary and the Eastern and Mountain music stations.) but none work for me. I also checked the stations in Naim’s Choice group. All work, as do the BBC stations. A puzzle which I trust the experts will solve soon!


All CBC and Radio stations are working. @Stevesky - many thanks for making this finally happen.

Hi @mfin99

We have been playing email ping-pong with VTuner. The update is not complete yet, but CBC Music and CBC One has been prioritised and most of it is there now. Our French-Cansdian friends will be next with the ICI network.

On a side note, those on older green screen products may need to upsaye to v4.8 firmware, as CBC now use HLS streams, much like the BBC.



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