CD 3.5 and Hicap connections?

Hi all,
For years I’ve run my CD 3.5 from a Flatcap, and the preamp from a Hicap.

Recently, I’ve upgraded to 282/Supercap2.
The rest of the system is a work in progress…

However, I realised that I now have a redundant Hicap and thought I’d switch the CD 3.5 from the Flatcap to the Hicap, just to see what happens.

But here is where I seem to be going wrong.

The old preamp used to connect to the Hicap, then hicap to poweramp.
Standard stuff.

The CD3.5 maintains the signal cable to the preamp and utilises the auxiliary power socket with a single cable connected to the Flatcap.
It does not utilise the signal out on the Flatcap to pass the CD player signal through the Flatcap to the preamp.
This was how I was told to connect it, many years ago.

Now, if I connect the CD player to the Hicap in the same manner:
CD signal cable direct to preamp.
CD auxiliary socket direct to Hicap.
I get no audible output from the CD player.

If I were to connect the CD 3.5 only to the Hicap, then Hicap to preamp, it seems I would need a 5pin to 4 pin cable.
This seems a little strange to me…
Is this actually the correct method?
Or, am I doing something else wrong!?

Many thanks for any help!

You are correct. You connect the HICAP to the CD3.5 in just the same way as you would the Flatcap, via SNAIC5 with the band closest to the CD player. Signal is taken directly from the CD3.5 to the pre-amp.

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Thank you for the clarification, Richard.

But, when connected this way, I get no sound!?

The Hicap should be ok, as its just this evening come off of the preamp and onto the CD3.5.

That’s odd. I take it all is OK if you put back the Flatcap? Is it the same SNAIC5 you’re using?

The HiCap to CD3.5 should use the 5pin SNAIC this provides the power. The interconnect cable (5 pin - 270 degree) then goes from the CD3.5 to one of your 282 inputs.

Use the two right-hand sockets on the CD. Aux to socket 4 on HC. Output to a 282 input.

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Yep, I have the outer socket on the CD3.5 marked “Output” connected directly to the CD input on the 282.
The inner socket, on the CD3.5, marked “AUX/PS” is connected to outer socket number 4 on the Hicap.

That is correct but still no sound? How odd. :thinking:
Is there any configuration needed on the 282 for the CD input to work I wonder.

Not if it’s set to input via din rather than RCA.

As you said you had this working with 282 when using the Flatcap with the CD 3.5, I’d folllow Richard’s advice and put it back to this configuration first and check you still get sound.

Yes, I’ve switched to and fro’ between Hicap and Flatcap quite a number of times now, always with the same result.
I tried a couple of different cables, too. (All genuine Naim cables)

But the Hicap powers the old preamp perfectly well.
The Flatcap powers the CD3.5 perfectly well.
But the Hicap will not produce an audible sound on the CD3.5!

I wondered if there was an issue with the auxiliary power socket on the CD3.5, but then it surely wouldnt work from the Flatcap either?
Similarly, if there was an issue with the power output of socket 4 on the Hicap it would not be powering the preamp without issue!?

There’s only one “+” and one “-” pin on the Hicap socket 4, isnt there?

This makes no sense to me at all - hence my questioning the connection method.

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I wonder whether one of the rails of the HICAP has an issue that is not shown up by the pre-amp but is with the CD player. One for @NeilS I reckon…

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There are two 24v rails on this socket. As Richard mentions, perhaps one of these is faulty. How old is the Hicap ?

Do you own a Multimeter if not these can be purchased for less than a tenner.
Socket 4 on the HiCap pinout is labelled and should be a fairly simple task to measure the two 24v pins.

Have you checked that the 32 still produces audio? I also suspect the Hicap has lost a rail, perhaps during the power cycle.

And when was it last serviced?



Thanks for your input.

I have checked and do indeed have both rails present at 25v each (no load)

However, it seems I’ve popped a tantalum, so I’m not sure how stable, or quiet, the rails are!
I could pop it onto a scope…

Anyway, I suppose it’s possible a rail is collapsing under load?

The Hicap is very old and unserviced, so there’s certainly no fault on Naims part!

I haven’t checked, but it’s probably about 25 or 30 years old!
A friend bought it new with a 72/140 (I think it was) and later went to 52/52PS, so the Hicap went unused for a very long time. When I first bought a Naim system, around 15 years ago, he gave the Hicap to me. I put it on my preamp, which is where it has been ever since!

Having recently upgraded to 282/supercap, I thought I’d put the Hicap onto my CD3.5, instead of the Flatcap it’s always had, just because…
(I’m in the middle of updating the whole system)

Initially I wondered if I was connecting it correctly, as I am only used to using it in series, between pre and power amp.

Anyway, it looks like it’s service time!

Thanks all !

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This is why I wondered about the number of voltage pins.
Thank you, I’ll test them.

I was away from it when i made my last post, last night, and couldn’t remember the pinout.
I’ll take a look today.
Thank you.

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