CD 3.5 replacement

I have tried to fix my CD3.5 for a couple of times getting pick ups from China and USA without success.
I’m thinking of buying a CD5 /5i /5x

My system is NAC92 / NAC90 and Naim speakers.

I’d like to get advise , which CD player would fit also in terms of service, if I can I’d like to buy a couple of original Philips pick ups at the same time.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The CD3.5 is worth repairing but I’m told that most of the VAM1205s you’ll find for sale online are just not up to the required quality. AFAIK Naim no longer have any more (real) spares so your best bet would be to get in touch with someone like Darran at Class A who is an authorised servicer of Naim equipment to see whether he can help you out.

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We (Naim) can still service the CD3-5 & have stock of suitable laser assemblies if you should decide to go that route.



Excellent news. Thanks Neil for confirming. Maybe I was thinking of the CD3…

It is good news , how do we proceed? do I need to send the unit to UK? or your agent in Hong Kong can fix it?

Hi avi,

Unfortunately I’m unsure of whether our HK agent is able to offer this service.

I would suggest getting in touch with them or Naim technical support who may be able to advise you.


Am I correct in thinking that the VAM1205 is used in the CDX as well?

Thank you Neil, I’ll contact the UK support and ask for instructions.
Sending the unit to the UK to ensure the best service wont be a problem.
Thanks for your help.

I got VAM 1205 from China , which I understood later that the quality is not reliable and then one from USA froma . source recommended in another forum which did work for them in CD 3.5 , unfortunately , not for me.

Yes, the CDX used the VAM1205. Others that used the same mech were the CD5 and the CDS2.

I was led to understand that there are duties levied by HMRC regarding the import items into the UK from outside of the EU; even personal items sent back for the purposes of repair (and re-export) if you are not normally resident in the UK. Perhaps the HK agent can advise or someone on this forum has personal experience or knowledge. I have a vague memory of someone writing about their experience in regards to sending Naim equipment back for repair and the associated cost was not insignificant.

In addition to that, Naim recommend that CD players are only sent in for service if absolutely essential due to the risk of damage in transit - and that’s their advice to UK customers, never mind overseas.

Well, I’m trying to repair it without success for the past one year, spending quite a lot on postage and the pick ups , I do hope the agent can fix it, otherwise, sending it back will be the only choice…

In the past Naim did not have service for the 3.5 lasers.

Better put my name on a couple then…I have a 3.5 and a CDX…

:grin: :grin:

Till now, no reply from Naim.

They are not very good with fractions… That’s why I don’t bother them with my 3.5.

Here’s the mail I got…after all, can not be repaired…

Hi Avi,

Thank you for your email - we have never stopped servicing the 3.5, unfortunately the parts for the mechanism are no longer available. Therefore we are still unable to fix your CD3.5, sorry about that.

Kind Regards

Hi avi,

I’m afraid our Tech Support Dept. has been misinformed - we can still replace the component parts of the VAM1205 transport fitted in the CD3-5.

If you wish to proceed with a repair, reference Mark Bonner when you request an RMA.

In the meantime, I will do my best to advise them of the error of their ways!

Apologies for this mix-up.


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I emailed again and waiting for the reply.

From the CD 5/5i and 5x, used, which one would you recommend for NAC92/NAP90 + Naim spkrs, given the going 2nd hand prices also.

Thanks in advance.

Hi avi,

I would always recommend using the best source components that your budget will allow.