Cd 3.5

Well, it looks like the 3.5 has finally given up……the dreaded “Err” message. Playing around with different pucks and bits of sellotape to thicken up the centre sections of CDs have run their course.
My dearly beloved has commandeered my CDX for her office system.

So the question is, does anyone know what is the current (October ‘23) situation regarding replacement mechs at Salisbury. I’ll dash off an email to them in the next few days anyway. @Richard.Dane is there somebody specific I should email or just a general service dept. address?
(I have a feeling that this came up just a couple of weeks ago……)

It ain’t all bad though……I heard today that our Meridian M20 active speakers have been repaired, recapped, soak tested and are running nicely … collection from an obscure location near Huntingdon next week!

Calling @NeilS help needed Neil🙏

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Ah, good call Gazza, so Neil is “The Man” :grinning: ……I think I met him on the tour last June :grin:

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Email should be addressed to

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CD3-5 used the VAM1205, although we don’t have any complete mechanisms, we can currently replace the laser assembly - so all good.



Thanks Neil, I presume I run it though a dealer?

Yes, through your Naim dealer.

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Fingers crossed…….if they can fix it, worth a service?

Heck, yeah!

My wife uses it in her office system, and she is not keen on streaming. As I said above she has commandeered my CDX, and I’d quite like it back!

We’ve known it was a bit flakey for a few months, but a bit of jiggling with the puck & CD would usually get it going. So, if it can be fixed, then “great”, but if it can’t then “shame, but not unexpected for a CDP of that age”

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I-think you have to tell them to service it as it is separate to a repair, worth checking with your dealer.

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You may well be right. I’ll talk to those fine chaps in Portsmouth!

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Next question: probably one for @NeilS.

I have two transit screws for the 3.5: a long one (25mm), and a short one (15mm). Can anyone remember which screw goes where? My thinking is long one at the “front” to hold the mech in place (where the hand is!)


Edit: Although looking at the “spare pages” of those equally fine folks in St Albans, I’m wondering whether they should both be 15mm: as here.

Whereas, another of their pages, shows that the 25mm ones are destined for the CDX (and indeed my CDX has one!)

Sorry to hear you too have the “ERR” problem.
Just great Naim may be still able to repair. Best wishes in getting it fixed.

I actually have a CD3.5 in a second system. Its really a fun and lively CD player and still going strong.
Brought it second-hand during 2020 lock-down has I was stuck overseas without a CD player.
Amazing player for 25+ years!
My young son currently got the pluck stuck again while I been away. Need to open up…

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Can I ask what transit screws you have?

Don’t have the transit screws when I brought it.
Took a chance on it - it was part of a Naim job lot when I brought it from a shop.

2x 15mm is correct.


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Thx, I’ve order a new one from StAlbans

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And the “beast” is now with those fine chaps in Pompey on its way to Wiltshire.

My 3.5 had mech replaced some years ago. At the same time Naim also replaced some other bits in it of their own volition.

When it came back, the improvement was incredible. Still going with its fc and hi-line (although that’s just broken so is off to Naim for their foc repair service.)

This combo recently saw off a Roksan Blak I had in for comparison with the intention of replacing the Naim which I’ve had for quarter of a century now! The Roksan was very nice but ultimately the Naim combo was nicer so I sent the Roksan back. As and when the Naim properly gives up, I might get one back in though!