CD 5, NAP 250,or a Supercap?

Hi forum.

I am thinking of upgrading my system, in the near future. I am wondering what upgrade, would give the better performance uplift.

I currently use a CD5, with a flatcap2.
NAC 82 with a Hicap 2 non DR & Napsc.
Nap 200 with Mk2 SBL’s.

What single component change, be it a Nap 250, a better source , or a supercap, would make the most sence.



I liked my CD5 and FC2 very much but in the context of your set, I’d look for a better source, CDX2 minimum. A CDS3 would be ideal.


I’d agree with Christopher, that’s a very high class amp and speaker setup, it’ll repay a top class front end. The 82 is a superb pre, I used one with 135s for 25 years.


Hi .

Thanks for your replies.

I think I will keep a look out for CDS3 , as suggested.

I think CD replay, still has a lot to offer.




I think Chris has it bang on here - I too loved the CD5 + Flatcap2, and actually it was such a “nice” sounding CD player it could live with much better electronics further down the chain, however, if you want to move things up a gear or two then a source upgrade to a CDS3 would be a fantastic move; You’ll keep all the things you like about the CD5+FC2 but gain a whole lot more too.

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Hi Richard

Thanks for your comments.
I will keep a close look out for a CDS3

What is the spares availability like regarding servicing?.
I understand the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it principle, but by having to buy a pre loved model, wish to be a bit cautious.



Last we heard (just a few days back) was that Naim are still able to replace the mechanisms (VAM1202) on the CDS3.


Am I right in thinking that the CDS3 needs a separate power supply, XPS2 or better? I have in the past seen CDS3 on sale without a power supply. Just checking to make sure Pieman is aware for budgeting purposes.

Yes, the CDS3 needs a power supply. The XPS2 was its original partner, but you can also use an XP5XS, XPS, XPS DR, 555PS, and 555PS DR. Make sure any XPS2 or XPS DR comes with the Black Burndy, XPS Burdy for the earliest units, and the improved S-XPS Bunrdy for later ones. The 555PS came without a Burndy as standard (otherwise you would perhaps have the wrong one depending on the unit you powered with it), so if you get an S-XPS Burndy as well then that’s a nice little bonus. Also note that later 555PS came with a Powerline.

I’ve been told previously by Naim that the CDPS can also be used with CDS3, though it wouldn’t, of course, match visually (which would also be the case with the XPS).

To the OP - better source would be my vote, too.

Yup, later versions of the CDPS can be used with a factory modified CDPS Burndy cable. But with XPS units available so reasonably these days it hardly seems worthwhile.

You never know what an individual might come across when looking for a supply, so just making sure that the list is comprehensive (thanks for pointing out that it’s the later version that’s suitable, BTW).

But, yes, the XPS is likely to be more common, given that it was on sale as a separate item.

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