CD 5i gone into mute ,no sound

A recommendation the forum suggested powering down,then powering back up whilst holding down the next and play buttoned for 10 secs,unfortunately since I did this the unit has no sound,all other functions work perfectly.
Any one got any ideas, a audio engineer suggested to me that it probably needs software/firmware reboot,download?
Any help much appreciated before I send to Naim dealer.

Check it hasn’t switched outputs by itself.


Well done hungry halibut,sorted.
So,I had a total of 6 emails to Naim regarding this problem,with no other explanation than”sorry I have no idea,send it to an authorized Naim repairer” And there was me ten minutes away from either spending a fortune sending it away(only 1 dealer in Spain,)or maybe just scrapping it as it’s getting old.Seems to me there’s more expertise on this forum than in Salisbury,again many thanks for you help.

I’m so pleased to have been able to help. I once had a CDX2 that would switch inputs for no reason, not even after a reset. If you’ve never experienced it you probably don’t even think of it, but in your case it seemed the obvious thing to try. One of the benefits of being an old fart like me is that you accumulate a wealth of experience along the way! Now you can enjoy your music.


And read the manual.


On your remote press the PRE button and DISP button resets the remote.

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