CD 5si and NAIT 5si with LS3/5A and REL Storm speakers

I have been delighted with my new CD 5si compact disc player and am thinking of moving my amp to NAIM.

At present I have the Meridian 501 and 504 with a Quad 405.

Does anyone have any experience of using the NAIT 5si with the speaker system I use. This comprises 43 year old Rogers BBC LS3/5a speakers still going strong together with a REL Storm subwoofer. The subwoofer has both low and high level inputs. As the amplifier does not have a preamp out then I would be running the subwoofer in high level mode and taking the subwoofer cables from the same sockets as the main speaker cables. This is actually the way REL prefer their unit to be wired up.

Thank you for any comments.

David Marriott

David, with Naim I would recommend you take the high level signal from the back of the speaker terminals rather than directly from the terminals on the NAIT. Otherwise it can upset the amp with either noise or poor performance as a result. Plenty of threads on this over the years.


Thank you.

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