CD 5X and Flatcap 2x problem

Hi to everyone,my CD 5X and Flatcap 2x is died ,no logo light ,fuse is ok on both .
What to do next ?

Have you checked the fuse in the units themselves ?

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Fuse in the units is ok

Try just one of them?
Check powercord fixed enough in the Naim?
Maybe main fuse has gone?

I agree, try and isolate the issue. Remove the cable from the CD player and refit the link plug. See if it powers up.

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Check all solutions ,solo CD5X and Flatcap 2x conected only to Supernait ,and nothing happened.
Supernait and NDX working fine ,all in the same electric line

try that and nothing happened ,No power up

When you say the fuse in the unit is ok, have you checked the right fuse in the fuse holder next to the mains inlet. There are two in there. The one that is in circuit and a spare.

All fuse is ok

I am out of solutions I assume you checked the power on and off button on the rear.

Let’s take the CD5X on its own. So if both fuses are fine ( how did you check them ?) and you have the link plug in place, try powering it from the power cable you use to power your (working) NDX.

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Working perfectly on both unit

I use new fuse to check.Old fuse in unit is also check in measuring instruments.Link plug is in the right place .
I change couple of power cables and nothing

Ok, if you’ve used a known working power cable and checked both fuses in the inlet (the one nearest the unit is the fuse in use) - see the pic below of both fuses as an example….


…then I’m out of ideas, unless something else has damaged both units.

Yes,both fuse I check ,all is ok.
Probably I go to service for couple of days

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