CD...bit of a revelation

I have got used to streaming from Qobuz but I recently dug out my old Meridian 200 transport and connected it by optical to my Nova. I did this because I wanted to play an album that wasn’t available on Qobuz - Bob Dylan’s Travelling Thru (Bootleg Series vol 15, 1967-1969). Qobuz only has a sampler single album but not the full 3 CD release. I really enjoyed the tactile nature of playing a CD and the packaging and accompanying booklet are much better than reading online notes. I will still continue streaming but now I may also play the odd CD every now and again



The Audiolab 6000 CDT is a lovely bit of kit for the money - if my CD player " goes west" it will be next in the rack

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I have an Audiolab 6000 CDT in study system, playing through a Rega DAC.

I took it off a while back and hooked it up to the 272, just to compare with my regular CD3.5/flatcap (owned from new some time in the '90’s). The Audiolab was very competent, the CD3.5+FC was nicer to listen to.

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Another Arcam…


Marantz KI CD players are so well regarded, I would be tempted to borrow a decent RCA to DIN cable to connect directly to the 282 and compare to the experience running through the NDX2. Interesting whichever way they may differ.


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There is a very good review of the new Rega Saturn MkIII out today on the AVforums website. It is a combined CD player and DAC


I have a hiline from my phono stage. I’ll give that a whirl although the DAC chips are pretty antique by todays standards. Be interesting.

Thanks for that, been waiting for a review, heard this player recently at TomTom and it was pretty impressive.


I’ve reacquired a CD5XS which I had planned for a second system (I previously sold my last one a few years back in favour of streaming).
All my CDs are ripped to my Uniti Core which I stream via NDX2.

Although CD is not my main source, I’ve hooked up the CD5XS as a transport into the internal DAC of my Sugden DAP 800 preamp. It has a great synergy with that DAC which gives a different sound and presentation to streaming which I really enjoy.

It may not end up staying in my main system but I’ll never sell it. I enjoy having the option to play CDs.

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I began in 2004 ripping my CD collection that has now grown past 3000 discs, but I kept all my discs and have never been without a CD player (digital out into N 272, currently). However, the convenience and quality of local streaming AIFF and DSD files means I only rarely pull out a disc. I figured out how to rip SACD, DVD-A, and Blu Ray audio too, so it’s even less frequent I need a CD player. But…if disaster strikes and I somehow lose both redundant NAS units and the off-site copy in my safe deposit box at my bank, I could recover!

My records and Rega P3 and FM tuner could fill in for a while too.

Hmmmm… if what you say is true then it should follow that all cd transports sound the same. Now I KNOW that is not the case.


I’ve heard and read many good things about the Audiolab 6000CDT. One of the reviewers kept connecting it to better and better Dacs and it kept up to the high end Dacs easily. I think the last Dac retailed at 6 or 7k usd. I will get one at some point.


Inspired by this thread, I’ve been pulling out some of my hi-res DVDs and playing them through my Cambridge Audio CX UHD Blu-ray player via coaxial to the NDX2. This is usually how I play my music and movie Blu-ray’s, but I don’t usually use it for the hi-res DVDs for audio only, usually just streaming from my Core to the NDX2.

Well, it is indeed a bit of a revelation and the sound quality is really very good. I haven’t compared it against a music stream from the Core yet, but it certainly is up there in terms of quality. I’m going to play some regular CDs too as a comparison.

I actually have an old Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player sitting in a drawer that has optical and coaxial output as well….

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I’ll be really interested in your comparisons Mike re Core and straight CDs

I think I can trust you to give me a fellow kiwi a straight answer ha😝

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I’ll report back later Sir, heading to the spa now :sunglasses:

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I buy 90% of my music on CD, then rip them to FLAC and file the CD and case away where they gather dust.

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Great arent they? The onboard DAC is really good even though its old. I prefer it to using the DAC on my ND5XS2.
Also, the Naim RC operates it.
Fantastic sound.

I was always very impressed with the performance from my CD5Si. Even when comparing it against my ND5 XS 2 it as no slouch, and in certain areas, it was even better. So in that regard represents amazing value for money for a Naim source component.

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I’ve compared just a couple of tracks from a well recorded rock album: Wasteland by Riverside. I couldn’t really discern any difference in that quick test.

This suggests that a good quality CD transport with a quality digital feed (I use coaxial) into the NDX2/555PS and 252/250 is close to using uPnP over a local network with a Uniti Core as the source.

The Cambridge CX UHD bluray is regarded as one of the best around for sound quality, so it’s been a good comparison. Local streaming from the Core has the convenience factor, fast track selection, playlists etc etc. LPs and CDs win on the tactile experience. The hi-res files played from the bluray are particularly good, but so are downloaded hi-res WAV files on the Core.

Summary, enjoy the music, it’s all good :sunglasses:

Maybe I need to drag that Alpha 7SE out and give it a whirl too……

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Thanks for update Mike - very interesting

As you say enjoy the music

Drag that CDP out mate for sure



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