CD Bleed though Nait 5si

Hi All… new here and new to Naim!

I’ve just received my eBay Naim Nait 5si and have a question if that’s ok?

All is working well except the the CD bleeds through to all other inputs.

CD to tuner is about 50% volume, CD to HDD is about 5% volume but the worst is CD to AV. I have AV Pass-through enabled (I connect an AV amp to it for 5.1) and it come though at speaker shaking/damaging volume.

Presumably it’s bleeding though at 5% or so but then bypassing the volume and coming out at max.

Is this usual? … I know some bleed is expected at high volume but not this much surely? Naim Tech support didn’t know either…

I think my unit is about 17 months old and so has never had a service.

Thanks all


What happens if you disconnect the AV input?

James, is your CD player connected to the CD input? DIN or RCA Phono?

Hi Guinnless and Richard,

Thanks for quick responses…

If I disconnect eh AV from the Naim end no difference… still REALLY loud CD though AV,

CD is connected by twin RCAs as I have a NAD CD players and no Din>RCA cables… yet.



OK thanks James. I wonder whether @NeilS has any ideas here…

If you set the AV system to play something in stereo only, select the CD input then turn the volume up, do you get breakthrough that way as well?

Do you still get breakthrough like this if you power everything off, disconnect the CD player and then repeat the test?

Great idea… thanks Xanthe

Done and no bleed across at all… even with both amps at really high volume.

Thanks Adam, correct… so does it sound like a fault?

Hi Utterchaos,

This is a strange one & I certainly haven’t seen any examples of this in the past.

Could you try disabling the unity gain AV feature & see if the 50%/5% bleed still exists please?


Hi NeilS, thanks for taking the time to help…

Tested with Unity Gain off and it’s:
CD 100% (obviously)
Tuner ~50%
HDD ~5%
AV ~40% but with a loud blip during switching.

So no change, other than AV, obviously.

Thanks, James.

Hi James,

Thanks for the further info.
I will study the schematics for the Nait5si tomorrow to see if I can theorise why this may be happening.
Just to clarify:-
The bleed is happening on both channels?
The only connected sources are the CDP (into CD input) & AV receiver (into AV input)?


Hi NeilS - to clarify, I have a phono stage and a DAC connected to the other two inputs. Incidentally, I can play music from my TT or DAC and hear the CD at the same time!

For testing proposed, do you want me to remove the other sources?

Yes, could you just connect the CD player to the CD input and see if the levels of bleed to the other inputs is more balanced please?


Ok… huge apologies to all!

Lesson is, done assume you know what’s on the other end of an interconnect just because it was how you set it up for the last amp.

Re traced interconnects and solved the problem!

Thank you all for your input, if only I’d checked mine!

Kind regards


Good news!

I’m intrigued as to exactly what the configuration was!


It’s too embarrassing…

I’ll whisper… (The CD was connected to a passive switching box I used to use with my old amp, to the HDD input) :shushing_face:

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Now I get the username! :rofl:

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Hahaha! I was so excited to wire it up I had all the cables ready the night before it arrived… just didn’t check the other ends! :man_facepalming:


Oh well, at least you got to the bottom of it.

All the best

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