CD Cleaning devices

There are several discussions/threads covering “Record Cleaning Machines”, but I can’t find anything about CD Cleaners.
Have any of you fine people had any experience of such devices?
I found this one on Amazon and wondered if anyone has any knowledge of it or similar devices?
Thank you, Simon😊

I use disc cleaning tissues. Type used for cleaning optics and other delicate surfaces. Very gently wiping in straight line from centre to disc edge.
Admittedly once ripped to the Core they very rarely get played again :sunglasses:


If they need it, I’ve used a soft cloth and lens cleaner. I can’t remember when I last cleaned one though. I’ve bought CDs from charity shops with scratches I thought would be an issue and they never have been, so fingers crossed it’s always been a robust medium for me.


Again the old forum is rich in this sort of information., CD cleaners and demagnetisers etc…. It’s really a shame that there is not a decent interface to the old forum. In its current state it is not nice to use

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This is a very important step of the cleaning process if you need to do it. I use soft tissue with a little water, works perfectly every time. Many used purchases almost as new after doing this.

That machine looks like the disc will be revolving against those pads :man_facepalming: :grimacing: A big No No.


A few used CDs I’ve bought have unplayable for whatever reason, so I took them back to the seller who has a machine which looks like the one above. He gives them a quick spin in said machine and every single time the cd has played like a goodun!

Not worth the investment for me to buy one, but my guy is happy to “clean” cds for a paltry cost.

Deleted, please remove.

Erm… TCut or Metal Polish here… :open_mouth:

For any pre-loved CD’s that have surface damage… :crazy_face:

Keep It Simple…

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Washing up liquid, gentle rubbing with fingers until squeaky clean, rinse and dry with kitchen roll (never rubbing circumferentially, as others have said).

If this doesn’t work, Russ Andrews Reveel wipes are a good second line of defence IME.

Can’t see what a machine would bring to this particular party, other than lightening your wallet.



L’ art du son CD cleaner for everything that gets ripped. Both sides as well. Why? It makes me feel better before ripping them with my Melco D100 ripper! Some used CD’s are just plain nasty and washing away 30 years of grime is always nice!

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Same here a big nooooo only ever had to clean a few I always look after them. Having said that tommors world didn’t do the format any good years ago when they put honey on a disc :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:


Another vote here for the dish washing liquid. I wet the cd first to soften any gunk, then rub some liquid gently with fingers until clean, rinse then pat dry with a soft cloth.




:rofl: not the best advice :joy:




The problems with vinyl replay are all too familiar


Haha. I know I shouldn’t but of I catch sight of a grubby disc, I clean it with the tail of my shirt. Occasionally I’ll use single use spectacle wipes.

Years ago when I had a collrction of laser discs I had this Discwascher branded setup with a giant matt to hold the discs and 3 cleaning fluids and color coded pads. First gel stripped off the outer most enamel. Second filled in scratches with optical cement. Final gel resealed with new enamel.

I am very pleased to have received all of your reply’s and am in total agreement regarding lightly soiled disc’s that just need a wipe or maybe a light degrease with washing up liquid or isopropyl alcohol (both of which we have in abundance):slightly_smiling_face:

The reason for the somewhat aggressive looking machine was for those discs that have spent to many years in the 90’s/00’s in pouches or air changers in the car and are carrying more than their fair share of wear.

Reviews of this device suggest some reasonable level of success in bringing such discs back to a more playable condition, so for a relatively small outlay I think it’s probably worth a try. Let’s face it, my Project VCS cost considerably more.:joy:
If it proves unsuccessful, WELL, I can still stream most of what I can’t play😊

My Keith Monks Prodigy record cleaner, as well as cleaning records superbly, also cleans CDs and DVDs

Not so sure about alcohol on Plastic. A few drops of dish detergent luke warm water , rinse clean, pat dry