CD Cleaning Fluid

If I find I have a CD that skips, which is very rare, I use one of Russ Andrews’ ReVeel wipes to clean it. That usually does the trick. ReVeel is designed for cleaning CDs so no risk of accidental damage.

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The Glass Wipes from Lidl are superb and will not damage the CD in any way, they just work.

Trust me. 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol works. I’ve done it and it polished out more than fingerprints and a CD which had errors now plays and can be ripped.
As previously mentioned, it’s what came with the CD/DVD cleaning kit I bought and it works.

One of the best products from a Lidl - even do a great job on specs and cleaning iphones😎

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I wouldn’t use anything more abrasive than those glass wipes and alcohol/detergent/water sprays, I would be too worried about the laser mech being gummed up.

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