CD connectivity advice

My system includes an NDX2 and a 282 pre-amp. I occasionally play CD’s through a Sony UHD player. Which of the following connections should I use for the CD player, for best results:-

  1. RCA to RCA from the CD player to the 282.

  2. RCA to 5 DIN from the CD player to the 282.

  3. Optical digital cable from the CD player to the digital input in the NDX2, using the CD input in the NDX2.

My thoughts were to follow option “3”, as it would then use the DAC in the NDX2?

Is my thinking correct? Any views/advice would be welcomed.

All other things (e.g. quality of cables)…

2 is better than 1
3 is very likely to be significantly better than 2 (the NDX2 is a very good DAC), but the only way to be certain is to try it.

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