CD draw issues on unitlite

I have a naim unitilite however recently (last 2 weeks) the cd drawer has been reluctant to open on first operation. Additionally when the draw is closed without a disc inserted it now seems that motor starts up and rather noisily too as if searching for a disc. So could anyone please tell me if this is a known issue and more importantly how expensive to repair?

Mine was repaired last week. It needed a new CD mechanism and in my case a new screen as the original one had failed. The cost for both was £360.00 via my dealer.

There was a thread a few weeks to a couple of months ago about a diy fix for this common issue.

Couldn’t have fixed mine though - an elastic band sadly wouldn’t have been a cure for me…

The mech used in the Unitilite probably requires the belt to be replaced. It should be relatively straightforward, bt probably worth reading up on this thread here;

Does this mean that I overpaid Naim for my repair? I had the same issues but was given a new mechanism…

If yours needed a new mech and a new screen then the charge seems fair enough to me.

That’s what I thought but all I’m saying is that an elastic band might not be cure for all. Good news if it is though.

Nope, might not be, especially if there are other issues with the mech, but certainly worth a try if the drawer is sticky or having difficulty in opening and closing.

Naim have a fixed price charge for a service of a unit, so if it needed only a screen then they would have charged you the same as you paid. So you could say you got a whole new drive for free rather than them just giving you a new belt.



But at least my reply should be of interest for those who have the same two issues. I should add that I’ve been buying Naim since 1989 with no other issues so I’m hardly a complainer! That’s why I continue to invest in the brand. Long may they continue too.

Hear hear same here

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I have the same problem with my Lite.

Getting the right sized band is important, and I’ve not succeeded. I even got a kit but the smallest band isn’t quite small enough and regretably even when I have ordered individual bands of 28mm diameter, I am sent ones that are too small.

I shall wait till we are through this mayhem and then visit a shop to see the bands at first hand.

I did find, that removing the existing band and re inserting made a little difference. The draw openned every 2nd attempt.

It would be useful, but highly unlikely, if Naim would offer replacement bands at a resonable cost. If they didn’t work, then new drive it is.

The way I did this, as was suggested by the OP in the other thread, was to buy a pack of 50 bands of various sizes. It cost me about £10 on eBay. They are described as cassette player belts not CD player belts. I’ve got lots of spares of the right size, but I’m not allowed to offer to give you one…



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