Cd high cap

hi all
Has any one tried a hicap on a cd5sx which is running off an ndac
the dac being used as a transport.
what was the result

Hi Dave, I assume you mean the CD5XS as transport feeding the DAC via coax?

yes mate i did mean the cd as a transport sorry . i am thinking of putting a hicap on my cd player. but was hoping for some advice

If you are using the CD player as transport then there is little work for the Hicap to do. Sell it on :blush:

thank for your reply

Assuming you haven’t already got one on your preamp, you could put the HC there, Dave.

I have two hicaps on my 282 amp. I have asked naim for advice on this. but thay told me to use a supercap witch is way out of my price range .lol

You can offset the cost of the Suoercap with the sale of the Hicaps. :blush:

I’m tempted to suggest you don’t get SC - unless you ultimately plan on getting a 252.
Now getting a 555PS for the N-Dac is another thing altogether…:wink:

no plans just yet. I will stick with my 282 I think

Mixed views abound on the 282 with a supercap but I found it an excellent upgrade, even with a non DR SC. These days pre owned non DR Supercaps are quite reasonably priced, so, as @Guinnless suggests, maybe worth a look at what you could get for your hicaps to offset. You’d find it a much bigger upgrade than putting a HC on the Cd even if you weren’t running it through the DAC, imo.

In which case, I’ll take your spare HC off you for ten bob :wink:

I have three olive hicaps all serviced recently. I will save up and get a supercap .thank you all for you input

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