CD player bottom, on top or side by side

I bought a cd5si player and allready own a Nait 5i-2. I don’t have a rack, so both will be placed on the same desk. What’s the best option; cd player on top, bottom or place side by side?

If you can manage side by side, then do that. If stacking I would put the amp on top.

Side by side is better. Better yet would be an isolation platform atop the desk for the CD player. If possible a wall bracket for the player would be better yet.

Yeah as others have said, ideally side by side, if not then amp on top for heat dissipation.

An isolation platform… Is a wooden board on spikes an option?

Everything is an option, but an actual audiophile isolation platform which is made of material which will help to absorb vibrations would be a better option. Some are pretty inexpensive. I can’t recommend anything in particular, but there are many on this forum who can. And of course, any decent dealer should be able to show you options.

Amp can be at the bottom if you can leave some space between the components.

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