CD Player Cutting Out

My CD5i(talic) has starting cutting out for about a second. It seems to happen once per CD and if you repeat the track it doesn’t happen again so it’s not a scratched disc.
I only got it back from Salisbury in Feb after a transport replacement.
Any ideas please?

Other sources don’t have the same issue?

I only have the CD Player. It’s very strange, it’s only just started last night, seems to be completely random. I’ve tried turning both the player and whole system off but it happened on the first track of the first disc after I switched them back on so it’s unlikely to be heat related.
I’ll try taking the system apart and putting it back together in case something’s loose.

I had such a thing with a loudspeaker plug. Had to resolder it.

Good luck!

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Try running the player in soak mode. Pick a disc you know is absolutely perfect. With the player switched off, put the disc in the player, replace the clamp, close the door. Then switch on the player while pressing and holding the play button. This should put it into soak mode where it will play the disc with error correction switched off. It should just show 0 in the display but if it encounters errors it will start counting them in the display until it counts 10 at which point it will stop. If it does this then, assuming the disc is perfect and error/scratch free, it usually means an issue with the machine or mechanism.


Thanks Richard, I’m doing that currently and it’s flashing 0 with the Repeat light lit. Does it play the disc all the way through?

Yes, it plays through on repeat. To clear soak mode, just power cycle.

Thanks, how long should I let it play for?

Naim soak is usually at least 24 hours, but I would run it at least a few hours and see whether any errors crop up.


I ran soak mode overnight with no errors and the player seems fine this morning so whatever it was it seems to have sorted itself.

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Good news. If it happens again, try to narrow down the circumstances to see whether there’s any commonality.

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