CD Player for Naim 500 system

Following Naim pronouncing my CDS3 irretreavably dead and replacement parts permanently unavailable I’ve ordered ND555 with two NAP 555 PS DR. I own large CD collection with many beloved recordings not available on current streaming providers.
I own Unite Core & QNAP, but found the software/tagging system exhausting for someone who just wants listen. Naim’s remaining CD player, CD5 si, is sans power supply.

  1. Can ND555 use digital stream from CD5 si? (My guess is no, but I’m hoping.)
  2. Has CDS3 or CD555 owner succumb to CD5 si and if so what are their thoughts?
  3. Has CDS3 or CD555 owner found solace in alternate CD player?

Doubt it

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You need to get a NAS in the long term……to work with your wonderful nd555… There are many cd ripper/servers……the obvious one is the Uniti core, there are many more expensive…….try at home. Best of luck.

If you’ve got the ND555 with dual power supplies and a core, I don’t think you need anything more.
Just rip those cd’s. It’s pretty foolproof. Sounds amazing. Surely better than your previous cd player.


The digital out from either a used CD5XS or a used CDX2.2 into your ND555 might do it for you.

(Please don’t now tell us that you will only buy new!)


If you still want to play CDs, a transport playing to a digital input on the ND555 is the way to go. But it will be hard to match a rip as a WAV file on your Core.

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  1. No. Use the Core and rip your CDs to it. If you’re struggling with it can your Naim dealer help?
  2. I have owned CD5Si as my first Naim CD player. Subsequently I have bought used CDS2 and CDS3 CD players and sold them all. I recently bought a CDS2 again. The CD5Si doesn’t come close to the other two Naim CD players mentioned.
  3. I love Naim CD players and surely wouldn’t be without one. Why didn’t you buy another used one? CD 555? I believe it’s currently serviceable?

Looks rather like its a bit too late to seek advice…?

If you prefer CD’s - which seems to be what you are saying - why buy an ND555 and two 555PS’s…? Sorry, but it makes little sense to me… (but YMMV, etc).

How about as @Dan_M suggests above, look for a good used Naim CD player - CDX2, CDS2, CDS3, CD555 - take your pick. Probably quite a few around, as others swap to streaming.


If you really want a real CD player, and don’t want to spend what a s/h CD555 would cost, I know none better than my old CDS2. They can still be found.

However, given the quality of your ND555, I’d suggest either persevering with ripping CDs or just plugging a good transport into your streamer. The Audiolab 9000 transport has many devotees here, and with reason.

When my CDS2 eventually dies, I’ll be picking between (a) ripping to a Core or similar or (b) just getting that Audiolab.


The cost of a CDS2 which pop up regularly on usual sites is around £1000 mark. A used CDS3 come up less often and maybe £1500. A CD555 without power supplies around £5000. You have the power supplies with the 555s. I have both: streamer with NDS and 555PS and CDS2 with XPS2. Why not have them both? I tried just having NDS, and sold both CDS2 and CDS3 only to buy one again with a CDS2.

Obviously Fraim shelves or racking can be an issue.

Lots of options for you.


I’d buy another CDS2 if it dies. Or maybe CDS3 or CD555. Loving Naim CD players! :upside_down_face:


I know what you mean but…

I hope my CDS2 lasts for a good few years, by which time I’d be wary of the age of another CDS2.

The CDS3 didn’t please me as much as my CDS2 - but rips from a Core via NDX2/ XPSDR are very hard for me (or professional musicians who helped me experiment) to distinguish from the CDS2. A CD555 is a great player, but at over £5K, I’d be ashamed of my profligacy and doubtful about sound-per-£.



Thank you for your recommendation.
At this juncture, I’m thinking of hiring someone to review my Unite Core setup. Sadly operation was not intuitive, most problematic was structuring/finding ripped recordings.
Thank you again.

Q3. Me. From CDS3 to CD5XS. I downsized to help start my business. Painless. Both players are good at what they do.

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I have a Zoneripper MAX. I just rip the CD in the Zoneripper and it is there on Asset on Naim app. Simple as that. All my CDs are on app and can manually play them on NDS as well. The App has glitches to say the least but overall it is okay. I find the Naim app unreliable and do understand why someone would just want to be at a place where you have CD only!

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Stateside I can’t get my CDS3 repaired, hence I’m gun-shy about buying used Naim CD player where parts are unavailable.

Understood. Worth putting that kind of thing in your first post though.

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That probably makes your best choices embracing ripping or getting a transport to plug into your streamer.

If you really want a straight CD player that is readily available in the USA, you may well end up with a Marantz SA-10 or the Mark Levinson 5101 - neither will be disgraced by your amplification.

Of course, you could also hear the Audio Research CD9SE - I haven’t but I am told its sound justifies the remarkable pice tag (and the use of valves).


Thank you for your response.
I’ve noted elsewhere in the thread that if I can’t get my CDS3 repaired because parts are no longer available, I’m reticent about buying device facing similar outcome. You mention Audiolab 9000 as transport and I will have this on top of my list.
Thank you for recommendation!

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Thank you for suggestion of Zoneripper, I’ve not heard of it.
I have no special devotion to CD, only to my most favorite performances.
Naim app for ripping was held in low esteem and in-tern inhibited my buying ND555.
At this point without CD Player I need to make the best available choices.

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