CD Player for Naim MuSo 2

I recently invested in a Naim MuSo 2 and currently have three uses for it - (1) connected via HDMI to my TV and (2) internet radio (3) streaming Apple Music via Airplay. I think the Naim is an excellent piece of kit in terms of sound vs compact design.

I’d like to use the optical in connection on it to connect a CD player and listen to my CD collection which has been gathering dust for years. I’m assuming that CDs will sound a little better than streaming, even the “high res” tracks on Apple Music. I’m also thinking that it’s good to physically own my preferred music rather than relying on streaming services. I may be wrong on both counts :grinning:

Anyway, looking for any recommendations for a CD player. Budget up to £500, I was looking at a Cambridge Audio AX-C35 and a Denon DCD600NE as relatively “budget” players that get decent reviews.

Also, I’m not sure if I need a CD player or a CD Transporter? Does it matter for connecting it to the MuSo 2.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or advice.

Just make sure that your chosen CD player has an optical digital output and you will be fine.

In your position I’d consider ripping the CDs using your computer and appropriate software, such as dBPoweramp. Put the files on a NAS, load a upnp server, such as Asset, and then stream them to your muso. All the CDs can then be hidden away and you can choose the music via the Naim app. Ripped CDs will sound as good as using a CD player, potentially better.

You’d then have the capacity to download albums from places like Qubuz and build your own collection. Buying from Bandcamp means that you are supporting the artists much more. Don’t forget that the muso has Qobuz and Tidal built in; both offer free trials and you may find it nicer to use than Apple Music via AirPlay. Qubuz streams in high res and sounds very good indeed.


I don’t think you’ll get more than regular 16/44.1 through AirPlay. Try Qobuz if you want to see if hi-res gives you a worthwhile improvement.

A CD transport is all you need if you want to play CDs, if you can find one with an optical output. Personally I would just rip them and put them on a NAS, or use the subscription service you are already paying for.

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To some degree it breaks the all-in-one box purpose of the Muso. With that in mind, I’d ponder whether a second hand Uniti Star plus bookshelf speakers was a better option.


I’d agree with all three of the previous comments, but it’s your money and your decision how much you want to “computerise” your music.

You don’t need a CD player. A CD player will take the music on a disc , decode it and play it back .

The Muso will decode it , so you don’t need the Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) that’s in a CD player, the Muso will do that function.

Both Audiolab and Cambridge Audio do well regarded CD transports . The Cambridge Audio CXC is currently £450 and the AudioLab around £400.

I’ve heard the Audiolab with my Nova and Harbeth speakers, for the money it isn’t good, it’s outstanding and has found its way into systems that are far grander than mine


I do wish you hadn’t mentioned the Unity Star. I now want one, this could be a challenge :laughing:



Gear Acquisition Sydrome


Well… I did say second hand. Coupled with something that was already affordable when new, like a second hand pair of Qacoustics 2010i and you can utterly blow the Muso out of the water for a bargain.


Unitistar + Neat Iotas.

If you have a DVD player and it has optical out. Just connect it to the Muso and use it to play your CD’s.

If you don’t have one, you’d be able to pick a second hand one at a very reasonable price.

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PROXY gear acquisition syndrome. :innocent:

Indeed. I’m going to explore that route and see what’s possible / affordable.

Well we had a decent blu ray DVD player but it died and we didn’t replace it. Have an Xbox Series X that can play DVDs but it doesn’t have optical out. And anyway I am not compatible with the X Box user interface :grinning:

So a dedicated player is preferred.

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