CD Player in the era of Naim NAC-122X/NAP-150X was released?


I want to ask what kind of Naim CD Player is worth the time when Naim NAC 122X / NAP 150X was released by Naim?
I saw the Naim range on the entry level CD Player:
CD5, CD5i, CD5XS, which of the three is the most favorite to use?
what are the significant differences between the three?


The model numbers tell you which range matches. CD5 successors, the 5i and 5Si are entry level.
The next step up is the X level, succeeded by the XS range. This includes your amps and the NaitXS integrated, and the CD5X and its successor, the CD5XS. So these would be the players to aim for, with the matching Flatcap PSU upgrade as an option.
Of course, if you take a source first approach you could go for a Classic level CD player such as the CDX2 if you can find one for your budget.

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thank you for inform, how about if I connect to CDX ?

CDX is from the olive range and was the forerunner of the CDX2.

When the 122x and 150x were current, a typical set would have included a CD5x and Flatcap 2x.


I had a CD5 with 122/150/fc2. If I remember correctly you can use the fc2 for CD5 and 122x. I don’t think you could do this with the ones that followed ie CD5i onwards unless it had an X. On the old forum there was talk that the CD5 character was like the CDS3. Having had CD5, CDX2 which is more in your face and CDS3 I would say it has that more relaxing sound of the CDS3.

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The replacement for the CD5 was the CD5x, then the CD5xs. All three fo these can be upgraded by adding a power supply for the analogue output stage.

The CD5i was introduced at a new more accessible level. This was replaced by the CD5i and then the CD5Si. None of these can be upgraded with a power supply, although of course you can add a Powerline mains lead to any and all of them.


Thanks for clarifying, I have just rewritten my comment whilst you were typing yours.

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I’m confused, there are 2 options
first choice :
I have a friend who sells Naim NAIT 5, CD5, and Flatcap 2, but you have to buy all three, you can’t just buy one of them.
The price of the three: GBP 1795
second choice :
there is a friend who sells Naim NAC-122X and NAP-150X without package with CD Player, both prices: GBP 1615
If I buy this package, I have to look for a CD Player again, because the package doesn’t have a CD Player yet

Maybe buy both, then sell the amp you don’t want to keep.
Check the age, condition and service history carefully or you could end up with a lot of old boxes that all need costly recaps and servicing.

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Due to the age of the Nait 5, FC2, 122x,150x will probably need a service. Both choices seem expensive to me, been a while since I sold my items on eBay but I wouldn’t think that each component would fetch more than £500 each. (Flatcap 2 would be around £300ish) With regards to the second choice, I would imagine you could pick up a Supernait 2 for the same price. Another scenario is to look at an original Supernait (factor in service) with a CDX2 which I reckon could be picked up for around 2-2.5K and only 2 boxes.

both conditions are good, the average has been recap and just use it.
It seems that if I buy both, I spend quite a lot of money, I prefer to choose one of them and keep it for a long time.
I will use this unit to listen to music daily

Pardon me !
Those price figures sound expensive rather close to s/h Nac 202/ Nap 200 for example.
Not to mention some classic Olive stuff.

Naim 122x/150x are nice but honestly should be cheaper unless they are mint and serviced.
Of course location can play a role.

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