CD player through Nova?

Does anybody use a CD player to play CDs (ie actual discs, not ripped copies) via a Nova? If so, what player do you use and how is it connected?

Or is this simply not possible?

(And, yes - I am technically illiterate).


I don’t but I could connect my Oppo 205 to it optically or via analogue, but the analogue inputs are digitised on the Nova. That said my LP12 sounded very good on it.

No I do not use a CD player but you can connect a CD player to the Nova just like you would to any other amplifier. There are 2 x Optical TOSLink (Digital) , 2 x RCA and 2 x 5-pin DIN inputs. The question is if you have a Nova should you not be ripping your CDs on to a hard drive or use a Core?

Playing CDs when you have a Nova is a bit like Brexit; unnecessary, pointless and a waste of resources.

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Yes, I have my original Arcam Alpha 7SE connected using the coaxial digital output. Sounds great. It sits next to the Core and is a nice bit of nostalgia to flip a CD when I want too. It’s also a good use of resources, as otherwise it would be unused.

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Yes, a really old JVC piece of tat using an old Chord Cobra 2 rca to 5pin din cable. The Nova actually makes the JVC sound reasonable. As Mike S says, it would be a waste not to use it. Also have all my cd’s ripped to NAS.

Yes…CD 5 si into Nova via Hi Line…v pleased with the result ! …sometimes I just like to spin a silver disc …don’t know why but I find it more satisfying than the streaming / playing from the Core… perhaps it’s an age thing!


I just have a lead into my Nova from a ÂŁ40 Samsung Blu Ray player - perfectly adequate for the rare occasions someone brings a disc round that they want to hear on my system.

Probably a silly question from a newbie, but why? Because a losslessly ripped CD is the same but easier to manage than a physical CD?

From a new Uniti Star owner

I agree with HH on Brexit but not on whether to include a CD player in a streaming setup. When I moved to my 272/250-based system, I decided to hang on to the CD5XS and it does get used from time to time. My wife often brings home language CDs from our local library and ripping these is a pain as the usual sources of metadata don’t seem to work. It can take ages to enter the metadata for more than 100 tracks. When all that’s done and the CDs go back to the library I feel honour bound to remove the CDs from the stored data. Much simpler to just pop them in the CD player. Occasionally visitors bring round a CD or someone lends me one perhaps to listen to some unfamiliar music. Again just playing it in the CD player avoids ripping and then deleting it after a couple of days.

OTOH, personally I wouldn’t buy a new CD player to add to a streaming setup, though something like a Meridian 200 used as transport to a digital input might be a fun experiment to try if one can be picked up cheaply.


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Many thanks everybody for all your comments and technical assistance.

I do have a Core, but tbh, I read so many posts about metadata issues, networking/internet issues, failing to rip etc etc, that I am dissuaded from using it. The naim app seems to attract a lot of criticism too. I find it so much simpler (and it always works) to just put the CD into the tray. I will try connecting the CD5si to the Nova to see if the SQ differs over the Nait.

My wife uses her QBs by connecting an iPod into the back of one.

Clearly, we could never describe ourselves as audiophiles. We are merely lovers of music … :grinning:

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Metadata issues are in reality few and far between, unless you’re ripping reasonably obscure music/classical etc.
If your internet is sound, you’ll have no issues with the network.
I find the Naim app very easy to use and I’ve never had any issues with it running on iPad or iPhone.
I suggest you start using the core but, I do understand until you’ve ripped all of your CD’s, it’s rather nice to be able to spin the silver discs :slight_smile:

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Yes I cannot remember the last time I had an issue ripping a cd to my core…and as discussed in another thread …the app is definitely miles ahead of its shaky past

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I have no doubt that I will, in due course, utilise the Core, and I look forward to doing so. However, there are still many active discussions regarding Core and App issues and my technical ineptitude does not predispose me towards spending time on those issues when I can simply “spin the silver discs”.

In the meantime, my current dilemma (why is there always one?) is whether to upgrade from the SI series to XS? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m a relatively new owner of a Nova (December 18), fantastic piece of kit. As part of my setup I connected my Arcam FMJ72 cd deck via a good quality digital cable to one of the Nova digital inputs. Works brilliantly. I like to have the option as well as my standard music server.

I agree, spinning a disc occasionally gives me some extra satisfaction. All my cds are ripped to my NAS using my UnitiServe but still find myself switching off the RIP mode and using the UnitiServe as a cd player.

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