CD Player

I guess that’s the Star?

Star is full size…

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You could pretend it’s a half with an Atom :flushed:


Or a half sized player to go with the DAC V1 and NAP 100 , I just would like to see more half sized boxes from Naim .


Thanks David, I stand corrected. My apologies, Steve!

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So you can’t use the Core as a CD player, well I didn’t know that. That would certainly be a deal breaker for me.

I use a Core and I also have a Meridian 200 CD player (along with a Marantz PMD671 digital player/recorder, all are connected to the Naim DAC via coaxial s/pdif) for the rare occasions I just want to spin a CD. It has certainly been a while, maybe a whole year since I played a CD. It’s usually easier to just rip the disc on the Core while attending to something else then after a few minutes of ripping, play it from the Core.

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Iam sure we will always have cds. When some cds are deleted
They become expensive on eBay. Also cd boxed sets have such as bear family records have out takes and unissued tracks which are not on vinyl.


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