CD Players: Naim vs. Rega

Hi folks,

Yes, I’m still very much into CD players and it is my reference. I spin vinyl too. In fact, I recently picked up a Rega RP1 Performance TT and is sounds great.

Anyway, back to me CD player questions…

Currently using a CD5i-2. I also have ANOTHER CD5i-2 that is still (since Feb) at Naim Service in Canada, and is on hiatus due to waiting on a part from Naim UK.

I’m curious as to how the CD5i-2 compares to the CD5si? Has anyone done an A/B comparison?

As for Rega, is the current Apollo still considered the Apollo-r? For the sake of this post, I will refer to the current model as the Apollo-r.

Anyway, how does the current Apollo-r compare to the CD5si and CD5i-2? I read a post from a reviewer that mentioned the Apollo-r is 95% of the sound of the CD5si?

Anyone prefer Rega cd players over Naim? My only experience with Rega cdp’s was the original Apollo (full size). I believe I was using it with a Roksan Kandy MKIII integrated at the time. Anyway, I though the original Apollo was a little thin in the mids and was bright on the high end. Bass was nice.

I’m currently using an XS integrated and Vandy 2CE speakers.


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I´ve got no experience comparing the CD5i-2 to the CD5si, but I´ve heard both the 5i-2 and Apollo-R with the Rega Brio-R. I think that the Apollo-R was a very nice player indeed, but as I really didn´t have the space for it on top of my rack I decided to try the CD5i-2. The Naim sounded a lot more ”live” in my setup, but the Rega had more accurate timbral tone. In the end I preferred Naim´s easier picking of instruments and overall musicality, if you will.

It would’ve been interesting to have heard both players with a Naim amp, but unfortunately I sold the Rega before getting the Nait 5si. That said, I still think that the Nait5si-CD5i-2 -combo is something very special.

I`m not sure about the ”95 %” thing as I thought that both boxes did great job, but in different ways. I guess the only way to solve the problem, as always, is to listen for yourself in your system. :slightly_smiling_face: All in all, I enjoyed both the Rega and the Naim with Brio-R, but I really don’t miss the Apollo-R with the Nait.

I agree. I had a CD5x before the 5i2 and felt the 5x was less musical than the 5i2. Sure the 5x was more detailed or “refined” if you will. But, it was also sounded like it had less emotion of boogie. It’s the same way I feel about the XS2 vs XS integrateds… as I recently swapped out my XS2 for the original XS. The pair immediately gelled the minute I played the first song. :+1:

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