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Does anybody body know if the Lable Emi gold, a good quality lable for compilation cds,

I’ve no personal experience of their releases, and the Hoffman forum (a good place to check for this sort of thing) doesn’t seem to have much to say about it. Unless they’re hugely expensive, why not experiment with a few and let us know how you get on?

Almost irrespective of label, do be aware of the effect the Loudness Wars have had, especially on remasterings, rereleases and compilations.


Yes I will give the lable a whirl as you said loudness wars I had a few remastered that’s sounded to loud for me.

You are more like to see EBU compliant loudness unit adaption (controlling average loudness density) on compilations where a requirement is needed to ensure consistency between tracks.
You are unlikely to see such adaption on album masters, where the dynamic ranges will have been set at mastering time for particular frequency ranges to give an effect.
There is a chance if a track is specifically remastered for radio or video work and it is not designed with current best practice to control dynamic ranges, then it may be adjusted.

This shouldn’t be confused with the term ‘loudness wars’ which came out of the US which was a basic compression technique to make tracks stand out more on the radio and get noticed … apparently it started with country music.
Within the the UK we have been using loudness compression techniques deliberately since the 60s, with some of the techniques pioneered by Joe Meek… albeit rather crudely back then.

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