CD Rip Coldplay "music of the spheres" Solution

Hello PBenny,
I disconnected the UnitiServe from the internet, then ripped the CD and then renamed the album and the tracks. It works. Meta data is missing. Then connect the device to the internet again. The problem is the special characters, e.g. always the “?”. The Rowi data is read correctly, the entry in the Ripper database is not correct. Probably a firmware problem with the
Unlimited special characters. Greetings Thomas


Burning it will be the best Solution🤣


There were some subsequent firmware updates by Naim, tested against this Coldplay CD, so this should be fixed now anyway.

UnitiServe System Version 1.7c RC1…

There were some updates for the new streamers and older ones (and I don’t know for sure if the fox for this was already included or if pending), but not the UnitiServe, and who knows if there ever will be one.

I suppose for now you have to edit the file tags. It’s cute but a bit silly from Coldplay to use special characters that are bound to cause problems.

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