CD rummaging in central London?

I’ve got a few hours free in central London tomorrow and was wondering what the CD shopping situation was like these days. Ideally, I’d like somewhere I can rummage through some CDs (probably secondhand) to find some bargains. No interest in vinyl, though I’m sure there’s loads of it around these days!

A quick forum search threw up Oxfam on Drury Lane - any others?



Reckless Records in Soho is a treasure trove, as I discovered to my cost when I worked around the corner some years ago! Don’t get put off by some of the high-priced rarities on their website; they have bargains, too!


Sister Ray, which is also located on Berwick Street, is also well worth a visit


Fopp was always my main port of call when in London (1 Earlham Street, London WC2H 9LL)

Not secondhand but reasonable prices although on a recent visit l noticed prices were a bit higher than their usual cutting edge.

But there again prices seem to be creeping up everywhere.

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Great shout. It really was so expensive working around the corner from Berwick Street back in the day!

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Shame that Sister Ray downsized and moved to its present smaller premises across the road. I used to like a wander round all the racks in the old place
( tho for me it was for LPs rather than CDs).

I never leave Reckless empty handed, unlike SR…


If you are into jazz, Ray’s Jazz located in Foyles on Charing Cross Road is always worth a look. The cafe is excellent too.

In fact, if not into jazz, worth going in just for the cafe !

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Thanks all - I’ll try as many as I can!

Just got back from an excellent gig by Polly Gibbons at Ronnie Scott’s - the first professional gig I’ve been to since before you-know-what. A wonderful further step on the road to normality.


Sounds great. Saw my last pre-lockdown gig at Ronnie Scott’s - Mingus Big Band. Hope to be back there again at some stage.

My favourite was Music & Video Exchange at 38 Notting Hill Gate back in my London days.

I spent a lot of time in Black Market Records in D’Arblay St. long ago when I was into dance music.

Still got dozens of 12” singles in a cupboard.

I can imagine - my office in central Manchester is located 5 minutes walk from both Fopp and Vinyl Exchange. Many a lunchtime has been passed shopping for new music in these fine establishments.

I’d like to say that working from home over the past 15 months has meant I’ve bought fewer CDs, instead I seem to have replaced my lunchtime browse around the shops with a lunchtime visit to Discogs, Ebay and Music Magpie…

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