CD start up problems

Hi team Naim, I’m new here, itching to get started but can’t get past first base. Bought home a second hand CD5si, have plugged it in, it’s playing, but no output. Can hear the mechanism load , see the track counter ticking over, but no sound. Tried holding play and powering up, 4 zeros flash and it starts playing, but I have no control with buttons or remote. Please, what am I doing wrong?!

How is it connected, DIN lead or RCA? If you long press the Display button on the remote while in Stop mode (i.e. not playing) it will show either 0, oo or 0oo, 0 is DIN output, oo is RCA and 0oo is both (don’t choose this) a quick press of Display will cycle between them. Once you have selected the correct output another long press of Display will put you back to normal.
Page E11 in the manual

Sorted! Thanks for your help.


No problem. Welcome to the Naim family.

Well go on, tell us what the issue was.
Helps to tell those answering if they were right.
Fwiw, the rca/din output caught me out yesterday in my ndx2. I wish naim would fit a switch on the back rather than do it via a remote/inadvertently app.

Appologies! The problem was that I only have rca plugs (at the moment), hooking the cd up to my beloved old lux amp, and the cd was set for din. Interestingly the previous owner demo’d it for me hooked to a naim amp with rca’ s, so either the extra switching on the amp, or some shenanagans in the transport and set up process…anyway, I will ask no questions and get no lies, just enjoy the music! Thanks all.


Hi, although it’s not quite the same problem, I have a fault on my Uniti1, not spinning the cd. I found that the subplatter (?) has a very fine radial crack in it, causing loss of mechanical grip on to the drive spindle. Lifting the magnetic puck lifts the complete assembly, revealing the spindle.
I’m waiting lockdown to ease, so I can send it to Naim for repair, not as simple as it might seem, apparently.

Interesting that the previous owner linked it to a Naim amp with an RCA cable, there’s no reason to do that unless you have a particular RCA cable you really, really like the sound of. Particularly since you don’t even have to buy a DIN to DIN cable as Naim supply one with the CD Player.

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