CD Storage on Shelves

Hi. Like a few members on this forum I am using Vitsoe 606 shelves to store CDs. Owing to the large number of CDs (over 3000) and the limited wall space, I need to store them front to back on 30cm deep shelves rather than the more elegant linear arrangement on the 16cm shelves. For this purpose I wanted to use Muji clear acrylic CD boxes (the ones with a round hole at one end) and the larger trays divided into 4. I have discovered that they have discontinued both of them and replaced them with containers 3mm too narrow to fit a standard CD jewel case. Does anyone have an elegant alternative? I have already rejected the rather uglier options with kidney shaped handle cutouts on Amazon. Or does anyone have a job-lot of these containers in good condition that they wish to get rid of, owing to them having ripped all their CD’s and stored then out of site? Thanks Regina

Have you ever considered to get rid of all that jewel cases and store the CDs (and the booklets if you like) in albums? I’m storing far more than 6000 CDs in a sideboard 40 cm depth, 60 cm hight and 240 cm width. The albums are called “Durable CD Ringbuch 527701”, available in several office and electronic online shops or Amazon.

This is our storage solution.


Hi, I’ve been through the same concerns and I tried the MMDesign’s DiscSox CD Pro sleeves.
You can store the whole artwork of a cd, materials’ quality is good and the space saving ratio is high.
I’ll try to post some pictures later on.
I like to keep CDs in their original form but space Is becoming an issue.
So, frankly speaking I am not completely sold to this option but I sort of like It.

Hi, as promised bere Is a picture of the DiscSox sleeves: on the upper shelf there are 16 CDs while on the lower shelf there are 50… (can be compressed even more but I don’t like it…)
Now, obviously the question could be “where is that Roxy album I love so much…?” Nevertheless, space wise It Is a great solution.

Dear Hanner, You suggest of the Durable CD Ringbuch 527701 is a very sensible solution. I am however rather unreasonably fixated on aesthetics. Whilst I might put up with a plastic or paper binder in my office, I just cannot in the living room. I did look for buckram covered files (a bookbinding material that looks like linen) and found a company that could make them for me but at over £40 each (£15 each would be more like it). My idea was different coloured files for genres of music. We would also have to store the booklet and artwork so not quite as efficient as it could be. My husband is not completely sold on this idea as browsing the spines of the CDs is more intuitive than reaching for a file, however he is not totally against. You have sparked a revisit to that idea. The company you suggested is a good source for the inserts, many thanks, but I need to continue my search for good looking files.

I know, I know… A drive would make life so much easier but we just cannot get on with the idea. We cannot be doing with Spotify (even if the sound reproduction was good enough). We need to see the media. We have the same problem with books! Thanks though for the infinitely sensible suggestion.

Hi Mojo_65. Practicality the DiscSox sleeves are great in terms of space but it would do my head in as far as trying to find anything. You express some concerns but I am totally visual in terms of how my memory works (as is my husband) so the thought of your solution actually makes me feel quite anxious. We would probably never play music again. This is though a very sensible solution for those who can cope with it though. Thanks.

I use the ‘really useful’ box for CDs; however, I confess that these are not the most elegant of solutions, but they take my software discs as opposed to my music ones. When I run out of shelving I will be putting the CDs into the Really Useful Boxes.

Dear Camphuw, The ‘Really Useful Boxes’ would be excellent for archiving. We may have to do that too so thanks for the name but I could not countenance them in the living room. Am I sounding too pernickety?

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Actually the DiscSox option may be a goer. On a second look I saw that they had special trays which enable you to display the cover art and also flick through them apparently easily. They may look better and work out cheaper in Acrylic trays but I am going to order a sample and see how I go so many thanks mojo_65.

Regina, beware, the picture you found Is relevant to standard CD sleeves, those cannot fit the whole artwork, the rear part does not fit without folding. For that look for PRO CD sleeves :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, I share your same concerns about retrieval possibilities and the look. That is why I am still pondering this solution. I am also thinking about dividers…
Please keep us informed with your findings and opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, mine are hidden away in my study or within a more aesthetic box.

Dear Regina,

you’re right, those albums are not looking very living room cpmpatible, but if you hide them you just need to see them if you are looking for the album. OK, this is not my living room, but the combined music room and home office in the attic:

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Dear Hanner (and Camphuw), You see! All very well stashed away in cupboards. More than acceptable for an attic home office. What I don’t understand is why supplier for things to do with hi-fi have to make them look so inherently ugly. I would like folders with the sort of finish of the attached by Hartnack and co

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I use these for storing CDs as they are much better than other cheap plastic storage boxes I’ve seen, and they make one that is sized for CD cases. I certainly wouldn’t want them on display in my living room, though, as they are still just plastic boxes (although not nearly as badly designed and flimsy as those badly misnamed Jewel cases!)

ChrisSU, what do you use?

Hi Regina,

I apologise in advance as what I am about to write may not be completely pertinent to your request. However, I believe it to be related enough to post here.

I have recommended a company called to clients who want simple stylish shelving solutions to fit their homes. It’s a slightly upmarket version of Ikea, but the benefits are that you can customise the shelves yourself on the web and they make and deliver to order. I know that in their standard range they produce shelving for books and for vinyl, which can be customised by a sliding tool system that will increase dimensions of the shelving unit and/or density of the the shelves themselves. I think it would be worth contacting them via email to ask if a cd shelving system was available or possible.

I know you were more interested in an elegant storage solution that would fit in the shelves, but I thought the relationship to the shelving would/could lead you on a different path that may work.

In any case, it is generally useful to know and the company has shown to produce good products that are self assembly and it’s free delivery in Europe at this time.

I will continue to see if there is a product here in Norway that might suit your needs…

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I used to keep my CDs on a very old shelf, which was made from ash, and happened to have pigeon holes that were exactly the right size for CDs. However, they were banished to the loft about 5 years ago, which is when I discovered the Really Useful boxes that Camphuw referred to.

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Oh I see. Thanks