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I am considering replacing my jewel type storage boxes with a UPVC type sleeves which can store the disc, back cover and booklet in order to free up shelf space. I have heard long-term problems with such sleeves (residue forming on the disc, print bleeding into the sleeve, etc.). Has anyone taken a similar route? Recommendations welcome (without trade links of course).

You mean something like this?

I started using this method a couple of months ago, I don’t like jewel cases. Much reduced shelf space compared to the jewel cases.
I really can’t pass comment on any problems at this time, too short a period of use.

That is exactly the sort of thing I am considering. I have found a design on Amazon with separate pockets for the discs and booklet but one review mentions the problems I mentioned. Sleeves would need to be close to jewel case height to fit in a dedicated CD storage unit.

Well they’re as tall as a jewel case but a little bit wider as you can see from this photo, 150 mm wide, with only a single pocket.

There must be a real risk that storing CDs outside their jewel case will result in damage to the CDs. I wouldn’t take the risk, as I wouldn’t want to have to start buying CDs all over again.

Surely you must have some extra storage space, even if outside the room where you listen to your music?

My CD storage is in the cupboard under the stairs and all shelves are full. I do try and cull some discs annually (I can never listen to all 1,500 in my lifetime) but getting increasingly difficult to reject anything.


Do you have any loft space etc to store them if you are not using them all the time?

I’ve been looking for some sort of storage for mine. Best I’ve found is this but I’d need about 12 boxes.



Not the solution I am looking for; I like to be able just to pick straight off the shelf depending on my mood at the time. I think I will purchase a small quantity of the upvc sleeves and see what I think.

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Search for Elecom CCD-DPC30. There are no reasonable sleeves outside of Japan.

Here you go:

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They look great. Are they slightly bigger than a jewel case?

About 5mm higher, same width.

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Same solution I went for, but only really works if one is relegating disks to backup duty after ripping.

That’s my long term plan

Maybe together with these?:thinking::wink:

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Rip them to an SSD or hard drive, e.g. in a NAS or specialist music storage device (such as Melco or Innuos), and stream them. You can then put all the CDs in any old sleeves and shove in boxes put somewhere wothout concern for accessibility. If you sensibly also keep ‘electronic’ backups you don’t even need to retain the CDs, other than technically to prove you haven’t taken illegal copies of the music. Booklets could be retained on their own if desired, taking less space than with CD and possibly not needing sleeves.

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