CD transport availability

Morning all. Does anyone have an idea which Naim CD transports are still replaceable either at the factory or another agent? I’d be interested to know how far back you can go for a viable used model. Thanks!

IIRC, any Naim player that used the VAM1202 mech (CD5i, CD5x, CD5xs, Late CDS3 & CDX2) can still have the mech replaced. Likewise, CDS3s (and perhaps also CDX2s) that used the VAM1250 can have the VAM1202 update done.

Apart from that, perhaps @NeilS can give us a snapshot of the current availability?

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Brilliant info thanks Richard!

Richard is correct: all the players listed above can still be repaired (or updated in the case of VAM1250)
It’s the earlier ones with the swing arm lasers (CDM4 & CDM9) that we’re really at the bottom of the barrel with now. That’s original CDS, CDI, CD2 & CD3.



Great thanks Neil :+1:

And the CD5 ? All forgotten and forlorn ? :slightly_smiling_face:

What about early the early uniti units, are those repairable still?


And CD5 yes!

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